Friday, September 7, 2012

Marta: Day 7: 29 Faces in September "Marta"

Day 7 has been a very interesting experience.  Nothing is what it seems.  I started a drawing in what I thought was graphite, black and white, simple enough.  Turns out I was using an Eagle 314 draughting pencil that I had purchased in a bunch of art supplies at a yard sale some time ago.  I decided to add a little General's Sketch and Wash shadow area, and every time I touched the paper, it turned purplish blue, like a blue print color.  It bleeds like water color pencils, and is kind of fun to use, but don't bother trying to find them online because they are a vintage item, no longer made by anyone.  So I used a lot of watercolor pencil and water and made the portrait.  Then when I went to scan it, my scanner would only scan a portion of the painting, and on an angle at that.  So I guess I like it.  Haven't decided yet.


  1. This is a lovely painting. I like the purple wash, you could be on to something new here!

  2. I like that purplish-bluish color. And the angle of the face looks great.

  3. Thanks. I will treasure my draughting pencil.

  4. I like it. The unexpected element makes it more interesting.


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