Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art-O-Mat submissions

Remember when cigarettes used to be dispensed from a machine?  Well, now it's art.  Go to for more information.

My Prototype has been officially approved and I have already created 25 zendoodles for my "project."  I need 50, so I just keep on doodling!  I already have ideas for 2 more series, one of sketch cards like my Mardi Gras ones, only 2 x 3 inches, smaller than ATC cards.  The other is a series of flower paintings in acrylic on the little blocks they send you.  Love this idea.  When I heard of it, I knew I just HAD to have my art popping out of a cigarette machine. There are hundreds of machines in the US and even Australia, and over 400 artists participate.  My art is going around the world!

What's a zendoodle you may ask?  To me it's a meditation and mindless drawing that takes you away from your head noise.  Here's the first one, the prototype, and I will post the whole lot of them when I finish the task.  

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