Friday, March 21, 2014

Nibblefest, Pennyfest, Inspiration and Challenges

Inspiration and Challenges

These are some of the sketches I made for Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens this week.  Please join us if you need inspiration.  Every two weeks the theme changes. This theme is Gardens and Parks.
These are all scenes from my yard.  They will be available for purchase in my Ebay or Etsy stores.  

I collect ACEO's, too!  Check out Pennyfest for real bargains  with over 170 pieces starting their auction at one penny.  I have 13 ACEO's in there.  I usually buy more than I sell in this one!  LOL.  Here is one of them.  Magenta Flowers.

At the end this Sunday, it will become an art Feeding Frenzy.  People bid on Ebay a lot at the last minute.

Inspiration: I cannot stress how much the challenges and groups and blogs I belong to have added to my enjoyment of painting and art.  I meet such great people and get so inspired.  I would never have painted any of these particular pieces of art if I had not been a part of these inspirational groups.  

Nibblefest:  Every month on the 20th, you can find bargains galore.  All auctions start at 99 cents.  Here are a couple of mine.  The theme is DOORS.  

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