Friday, September 19, 2014

Monsters and Marbling Mixed Media on Paper PPF

Marbling Paper Backgrounds
Paint Party Friday:  What I did this week

I love my watercolor class! My teacher is so innovative and free. She challenges us to think outside the traditional paint tray. This week we dripped Sumi Ink into a tray of water to do Marbling on Rice Paper. After it dried we painted transparent watercolors on top, creating our masterpiece. I really love this one, but now I am obsessed with doing more paper marbling. I have watched Youtube videos, ordered two books and bought some special paints and materials so I can do more. More is always better, right?

Abstract: 5x7 Lady in Green Hooded Cape
 with 8x10 Grey Mat included 
Ready to frame

One of my attempts at marbling with acrylics went south, so I dripped and dribbled and poured and guided the ink and paint into creepy blobs creating an abstract mixed media piece I call "Monsters of the Deep." I like it! Used a lot of silver and black and white inks, on top of a watercolor background. It changes completely as you turn it . . . so it is signed on the back, leaving the collector to position it the way he or she thinks it looks best.

I am working on MONSTERS for next month. I am doing marbling abstracts, and finding monsters in them after they are done. This one I named "Monsters Mashed - Great Big Gobs of Greasy, Grimey Monster Guts."  Wonder if it will qualify as a monster painting? I see lots of monster eyes, legs, claws, bones, blood and ooze. Don't you?


  1. Beautiful! I love marbling, and have lots of paper I have marbled to use as backgrounds, but mostly I can't bear to use it because it is so nice! Crazy, huh? Have BIG fun, Valerie

  2. Love the monsters the last one is wearing a hat! marbling is fun!

  3. Great abstract paintings and your lady is lovely. I love the vibrant, flowing colours.

  4. Great fun with color and monsters!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. That marbling is such a wonderful effect. Love all the paintings - the monster guts painting is so much fun. Would be a great exercise to do with children who think they have "no talent" for art. Love it all!

  6. I adore the middle one best--it looks like a cat yawning, to me. Fills my eyes, it does.


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