Friday, August 7, 2015

Boats, Florals, Abstracts and Cezanne, ACEO art for this week, PPF

Miniature Art finished this week, ACEO size.
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A Field of Wildflowers, Landscape
A Daisy Field, Impressionistic
Boats in the Harbor, ACEO, loose sketch with watercolor and pen
Watermelon and Pomegranates, a la Cezanne
Miniature Masterpiece, ACEO, Watercolor

7 Abstract ACEOs in Watercolor and Ink
for ACEO TW AUG on Ebay (More of my Abstracts)
I just love these, but no one else seems to!  LOL.


  1. Beautiful paintings. I love the bold colors you've chosen.

  2. Beautiful paintings, love the colours you used.

  3. Wonderful paintings! I'm always partial towards boats...and yours is fabulous! Great collection of abstract works too. You are so versatile!

  4. Thanks, Mandy. Versatile, yes, but I think I would probably do better if I could decide what kind of artist I want to be. LOL. I do so many styles and different mediums that maybe I am eclectic!


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