Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chalk Pastels En Plein Air, in Anza, CA

En plein air is a French expression which means "in the open air" and describes the act of "Painting" outdoors. On Saturday several members of the Anza Valley Artists met at the Cahuilla Market, ate pizza and "painted" with chalk pastels outside in their beautiful patio and yard area. The pizza was fabulous and the weather was superb.

 We had great fun making our art and some friends of mine joined us, some of them actually painting, and others just watching.

Scott and his brother sat and watched, and Sylvia decided that Scott would make an interesting subject for her piece.  I think he was just in her line of vision, but the chalk painting was awesome. She did the drawing on dark colored, almost black, 320 grit waterproof sandpaper, purchased at the Anza Valley Hardware store.  It is so impressive, I am going to frame it, as soon as I figure out how to do that so the chalk won't smear. 

Thank you, Sylvia! It certainly looks different than the pastel I tried to do of Scott (see below in another post).  She does not blend the colors like I did.  It is so vibrant and colorful, and it sure looks like him!

We all had a learning experience and each one of the finished paintings was completely unique.

Scott's brother and his wife have been visiting this week and we have been to the Swap Meet, the AVA meeting, visiting friends in town, and enjoying the moment.  There's always something to do in beautiful Anza, California.  Well, not always, but this was a good time for them to come.

Tuesday, we are not only going to have the weekly Watercolor Painting class in Sunshine Summit, but also going to the Temecula Valley Artists, meeting that night.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

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