Sunday, November 18, 2012

Entry for Virtual Paint Out Nov 2012

I just submitted my first painting for the Virtual Paint Out in November.  This is where you go to Google and travel around the world, virtually, and paint a picture from the images you find.  This month is Nova Scotia, Canada.  Find all the rules etc on their blog and facebook pages.  It's really great to see all the different ones that people have posted, although another person did a laundry scene, similar to mine.  I guess we like to paint clothes on the line.
Mine is an ATC (2.5 x 3.5) ACEO card which is up for auction on EBAY at the present time.  There is a bid on it so if you want it, better hurry!
It ends in two days.  

I have been told to add my links in every post, to make it easier to find me.

So here they are:

Penny Stewart, aka The Crafty Lady,
Facebook:  PennyPaints - Like my Page and I will Like YOURS!
EBAY Auctions Pinkgypsy - ACEOs and more for sale.
My Etsy Store - PennyBiz - Hand painted SAWS and framed country art

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