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Saturday, February 2, 2013

29 Faces in Feb 2013: DAY 2


Abstract, Colorful, and sorta kinda wild!  I love painting these little cards, and using watercolor and pen and lots of bright colors.  Day 2 of 29 Faces.  More to follow.  I need challenges and contests to keep me inspired, I guess.  And it's fun.  ACEOs and ATCs are so much fun to paint, and so much less stressful than a larger work. I have painted almost 300 now. Some I traded (ATC) and some I sold (ACEO), but they are all originals, one of a kind, not prints.  I may make prints eventually, but for now, not.

ACEO refers to the size - 2½” x 3½” - also called an ATC or artist’s trading card. Signed by artist. Complete contact info on back - comes in a protective sleeve.


  1. I like this piece called Big Lips and they are. :) Great colors!

  2. I love the freedom of these two ACEO's. I have never tried to make one like this. Nice to meet you through 29 Faces. This is my first time trying the challenge. I just started faces in November.

  3. I love your style! Another brilliant face.

  4. Thanks Gloria, Tammy and Linda! This challenge is really fun.