Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All Over Floral Swap HOW TO with examples

Instructions on How to do an All Over Floral for ATC Swaps

Start with a piece of sturdy paper, either 140# watercolor or bristol board 5x7

Paint or draw a design with lots of flowers all over the paper: Think Wallpaper, chintz, floral fabric, either realistic or fantasy flowers are fine.  As much detail as you want to do.  All one kind of flower or many kinds.  You can add tiny bugs, butterflies and bees if you want, but FLOWERS are the most important.  Here is my design done with loose watercolor washes and linerwork after the fact.  You can do it your own way, please.  You do not have to do this style.

Cut the paper into 4 pieces so you have 4 ATC cards

You can use them in either portrait or . . . 

landscape mode.  Whichever looks best to you.

Put the ATC cards in little sleeves for protection, and voila, Pretty Posies.

MORE EXAMPLES of All Over Floral ATCs 
from a swap I was in on
by Juanita Floyd

by Julia Dennis

by Michelle Lydon

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