Friday, December 13, 2013

The Zorn Challenge, Painting a Cat with a limited color palette PPF

The challenge at Daily PaintWorks this week:
Paint something using only Black, White, Red and Yellow Ochre
This 4 x 4 was done with Acrylics on a wooden panel using my son's photo of his new kitty.  It doesn't look anything like his cat, but I like the end result and the challenge of using so few colors.  A little frustrating, but I do love a challenge.  His actual Christmas present is still on the easel getting final touches.  This is the 4th Pet Portrait Painting I have done of his cats.  I will post the final one next week.  It better be done by then because I have to have it in the mail by the 15th!

For auction on my DPW site.


  1. Excellent work Penny ! It looked real at first glance. Happy holidays!

  2. The eyes are so expressive! Very nice. Happy PPF

  3. Really wonderful, love the expression!

  4. What a wonderful cat,looove it!!
    Happy PPF
    XXX Jeannette

  5. thanks, all! It was quite a challenge. I love to use lots of different colors.

  6. How wonderful! What a super cat portrait. He looks very content :)


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