Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Faces 5 and 6: 29 Faces in Feb

Face #5
"A Little Boy in a Big Suit"

Face #6
"A Young Man in a Suit"

These two males are obviously related, either Father/Son or the same person as a child and then all grown up.  I think the latter is what I see.  I did not paint them that way, but sometimes paintings speak for themselves.

These are for the Challenge:
29 faces challenge
 If you are curious about how this challenge works, click on the face above and visit Ayala's blog for more information and to see everyone's face creations.

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  1. Yes, your second boy looks an older version of the first! Great drawings!

  2. The little boy just looks so innocent, two great paintings.

  3. Very nice paintings of this boy/young man.

  4. Two beautiful pieces! I love the little boy in the suit. So cute!


  5. Two great pieces Penny. Annette x


  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one doing males of the species! LOL. These are fantastic. The boy's expression is absolutely perfect - and I love his coat!

  7. Thanks, all. I seem to be doing more males this time than females. And in June I only came up with one guy. Duh.


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