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Monday, February 3, 2014

Faces 3 and 4: 29 Faces in Feb 2014

Face #3 ACEO:  A Man for a Change
Pen and Ink on 140# Watercolor Paper, then used a tiny brush with water washes to spread the ink around.  Mostly you see faces of women on this challenge, so I decided to do a guy for a change.  We did a bunch of guys once for a challenge, but I didn't do that many.  

Face #4:  ACEO:  Purple Lady
She is purple because I used a pencil that I got at a yard sale in a box of "art junk" - when you draw something it looks like a regular pencil, but if you get it wet, "Voila" it turns purple, like a blueprint color.  I like using it sometimes.  I remember painting with water in those colorbooks as a child.  The water would turn the black and white pictures into colored paintings.  Anyone else remember those? I wish I could find more of these magic drafting pencils.  It is a little like watercolor pencils, but not the same.

29 faces challenge
 If you are curious about how this challenge works, click on the face above and visit Ayala's blog for more information and to see everyone's face creations.

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  1. Love both of your faces Penny, the purple ink adds high drama to the sketch. Annette x


  2. You have a very neat style. I like these monochromatic pieces that you have made. Very interesting and well done!

  3. I was wondering about the preponderance of women's faces. I draw almost exclusively men's faces--I think because they tend to have more angles--and I've been trying to do more women.

    I really like these--you have interesting things going on with your lines and your darks.


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