Saturday, February 1, 2014

Faces 1 and 2: 29 Faces in February 2014

29 faces challenge
Okay, I am going to do it again.  29 Faces in February 2014.  
Watercolor and/or Gouache ATC size.  If you are curious about how this works, click on the face above and visit Ayala's blog for more information.

I will be putting all of my faces on this blog post.  
You can purchase all of my faces in my Ebay Store.

Face #2
"Woman, Pen and Ink Wash, Black & White"

Here is #1


  1. Great watercolor work I like all the colors that you used.

  2. Wow, Penny, she's gorgeous. Such a free feeling to your painting although she looks like a high school principal to me, for some reason. Lovely colors.

  3. Nice watercolors and pen work! Have fun inventing a new face every day! :)

  4. Great face! I love your painting style!

  5. stunning artwork, great first face and love those fab colourings. Hugs Annette x

  6. The colors are great, so vivid and powerful!

  7. Super face, just love your style of painting.

  8. Lovely face #2. Your control of the wash is wonderful. I'm sure I'd have a royal mess if I tried that medium. Having trouble with the captcha stuff. I'm old.

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Faye, I have turned off the captcha. I know what you mean! I thought it was off. LOL. Face #2 was done with a pen that is not waterproof. I drew it first and then used a small brush with water to spread it out so it looks like a watercolor wash. Very simple and easy.


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