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Sunday, August 24, 2014

NFAC, Nibblefest Art Contest August 20-27, 2014

August 20-27, 2014
That's my Divo Dog on the right, 3rd place last month!

The Nibblefest theme this month is FOREST CREATURES.
This is my entry in the Nibblefest Art Contest, a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month. Please be sure to search for NFAC to see more great entries, each starting at just $0.99. Thanks!

Bidding starts at 99 cents for each of the paintings below, by me, and 50+ by other artists. Only 3 days left.  Bidding ends on August 27.

12 x 16 Acrylic on canvas board, Squirrel at Feeder in a tree. Signed Painting, Original art, not a print.  

A Psychedelic Owl I painted for a weekly challenge on Daily Paintworks. Painted on an 11x14 Gessobord, with Acrylic impasto technique using a palette knife in an abstract style with the brightest colors I could find, some neons, and very thick paint. The Fluorescent colors glow beautifully under black light. Seriously. Homage to the 70's. You need a black light to get the full effect. I was inspired to use neons after seeing paintings by Francoise Nielly. She paints huge colorful faces.  
Plus a miniature ACEO 2.5 x 3.5 inches 
Big Cat, Lioness, done for a challenge on DPW. 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Watercolor, pen and ink. Comes with a FREE mat. Ready to mount in standard 5x7 frame.


  1. Lovely entries all, Penny, though I am particularly partial to the little squirrel :-). What a cutie -- lots of character in that face and posture....!

    1. Thanks, Patience. The 99 cent auctions are a way to introduce people to buying affordable art and to find new collectors!