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Friday, August 22, 2014

Fluorescents, Landscapes, PPF

Night Reflections, For sale on DPW Auction
Abstract 12x16 Cityscape on the River, with starry night sky and soft reflections of the tall buildings in the water. Looks awesome under blacklight, but striking in daylight as well. Fluorescent Neon Acrylic paints, metallics and interference colors on canvas board. Expressionistic style. Difficult to photograph the full effect. You can see the metallic sky in this one a little better.
A little square canvas portrait I did for a friend. I was inspired by Francoise Nielly's bright neon faces. Her paintings are HUGE. Mine is tiny. 

I usually do the weekly DPW challenge, and this week we painted an "intimate landscape" from a photo. Here is my mixed media 5x7 painting, "Hidden Whirlpool,"
and here it is with a mat. It really looks best with a mat, I think. 
And this is the photo we used for reference. It's amazing to see all of the different artists' take on it. No two alike! 


  1. Love your night paintings especially. Valerie

  2. I love the colors in your night paintings. So vibrant!

  3. Your fluorecent city view is fantastic.

  4. I love the fluorescent city scene the best.

  5. These are all wonderful! I especially love the nightscapes. Really great work.

  6. Oh I LOVE your night-scape and use of florescents...I love them too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Wow all of your art this week is pretty fantastic but my fav is the cityscape. Well done.

  8. How wonderful! I haven't yet done any of the DPW challenges. So fun to see what everyone creates! Happy PPF!


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