Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NFAC Nibblefest this month is "Things in Jars"

All art begins at 99 cents in auction for one week starting on the 20th of the month. Search EBAY for "NFAC" to see more entries. The theme this month is "Things in Jars." 

This is Canned Food, not in a can, but we used to call it "canned" or canning, whenever Mom or Grandma was boiling those Mason Jars for jams and jellies. My daughter still bottles Tangerine Jelly every year with the fruit from the trees in our backyard.

Square Art, small 6 x 6 inches.  Acrylic on gessoed panel.  A glass Ball or Mason canning jar full of red fruit, could be tomatoes, cherries, baby beets, or what it reminds me of is Crabapples from the tree in my backyard when I was a kid. Mom canned those little gems every year. Yummy!  

I have so many paintings in my stash that I usually can find at least one that fits the theme of the month for NFAC. I should get back to painting, I suppose, but my crochet obsession took over for 6 months or so, and now my right hand is all sore from overdoing it, carpal tunnel I think. 

My grandson gave me his PEZ collection to sell on Ebay, so listing those 70+ cuties has been this week's task. I had an idea to paint little ATC cards of the dispensers but so far have not started that project. Somehow I always find ways to keep busy.


  1. Wow, how delicious!
    Happy PPF xx

  2. Looks like crabapple jam - yummy! And lovely painting.

  3. Yep crabapples for sure! We did garlic dill pickles this year and they are good we just can't believe how much we love them! First jar went in one sitting! Wonderful work!

    Hugs Giggles


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