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Friday, October 6, 2017

Alcohol Inks, Pebbles, Rocks and Stones, PPF

Alcohol Inks - Painting Pebbles, Rocks and Stones 

My latest obsession (yes, a new one) is alcohol ink. It's a fussy medium, and I am learning to get some control with it now. These are two of my latest ACEO AI (that's short for Alcohol Ink) paintings of Pebbles, Rocks and Stones under water. I watched a Youtube video and sort of followed instructions, but did my own thing. I am using Photo Paper for a surface to paint on. It works pretty well. I think it is about the same as Yupo.

We also had Dragons for a theme on ACEO TW on October 1, 
and I made 4 really scary ones. Available in my Ebay Store.
They started out as acrylic pours and I embellished them.

And a little ACEO watercolor I did for a challenge on DPW.


  1. fabulous, vibrant projects. Happy PPF!

  2. Wonderful projects! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. I love what you are doing with the (impossible for me) inks. Your dragon is amazing. Happy PPF

  4. Beautiful! I have such a hard time painting ACEOs. The surface is just too small I guess. Yours are awesome. Have a wonderful week. Big Hugz, Rasz

  5. Love the pebbles...very pretty!! Your dragon is very good albeit a bit scary for me!!

    Peace Giggles

  6. That rock art really does ROCK! Very impressive. How can you go wrong with dragons and I love the sale boat. Great art.

  7. I do like this type of art. Interesting using Ink on photo paper. and the Acrylic is excellent. Blessings, Janet