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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fried Eggs In Pan: Acrylics on Metal Surface

Fried Eggs anyone? I really had fun painting this one. The aluminum pan was old and stained, so I painted it with a lovely shade of ultramarine blue and black, to resemble enamel ware, and I spattered it with white dots from a toothbrush.

I found several photos on the web of bacon and eggs and decided that would be the best thing to paint Trompe L'oeil (fool the eye) style. Sort of a yolk joke, but the joke was on me. I cannot paint bacon. Eggs, yes. Bacon, no. Maybe because I am a mostly vegetarian person. Bacon is from a pig, unless of course it's turkey bacon. Thus, after trying to paint bacon, I just painted over it. That's the beauty of acrylics. All mistakes can be painted over. Some of my canvases or masonite panels have four or more paintings under paintings that I have erased and started over. This one only has hidden bacon underneath the eggs.

This unusual piece sold at the antique/thrift/second hand store in Anza called "Twice Loved Treasures," where I had rented a space on the wall for two months before Christmas. The rent was $20 a month, and I sold this one "Frying Pan with Eggs" for $25 so I didn't even break even. So much for renting space in thrift shops to sell my art.

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