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Monday, February 4, 2013

DPW Challenge for Feb 1, 2013

This was my method of trying to Paint Like Angela Moulton, one of my favorite artists.  The Amalgam Challenge was to pick a member of DPW and incorporate their style into your challenge piece.

I asked Angela if she would mind and she said it would be fine.  On her page she mentions that she sometimes uses photographs, but studies them and then puts them away and paints from memory, so that's what I did.  I looked at Angela's art for about 30 minutes.  There are over 300 pieces of hers on Daily Paint Works.  Go see for yourself! Then I painted from memory.  http://dailypaintworks.com/Artists/angela-moulton-2201

The system I used is similar to Robert Burridge painting pears, only with a little more variety.  You can watch his videos on youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5T4LkUSPY8

I started with a bunch of ACEO cards taped down to a board.  I base coated them with some bright acrylic colors, and painted one, the roses.

Then I painted a bunch more.  But the first one was the best, so I submitted that for the challenge.  

Roses a-la-Angela!  For Auction on Ebay.


  1. wow Penny they are all gorgeous, x

  2. Thanks, Netty. Sometimes I feel a need to apologize for the swiftness of my current style of painting because some people spend so much time getting every detail right. I used to do that but now I am trying for looseness, freshness, and a spontaneous feel and look. It takes less time, yes, but my daughter always reminds me that it took 50 years of experience, study and practice to paint that 10 minute ACEO card!


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