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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Faces #7-12: 29 Faces in Feb 2014

More Faces . . . 

I am not behind in my painting, just in posting to my blog!  Here are the next six faces, #7-12, that I finished already, and now I am A-HEAD in posting (Pun intended).  LOL.


  1. Nice collection! They are such a warm group of paintings. I especially like the laughing guy. The fuzzy-ish texture is perfect for his happy face.

  2. Wow, seriously ahead! Terrific mix of styles. And the color is great!

  3. Terrific variety of faces Penny, love them all. Annette x


  4. What fabulous faces! I love your pen and ink work - gorgeous!

  5. Such a wonderful variety of faces. All glorious!

  6. Love your style!
    The faces is amazing - and very different from each other :)

  7. These are all so wonderful.


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