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Friday, June 6, 2014

Rainbow Kitties and Hairy Dogs, Plus Self Portrait

Rainbow Kitties and Hairy Dogs

This month I joined a challenge on a friend's facebook page to do 30 ACEO cards in 30 days in June 2014.  I usually pick a theme or subject for a challenge like this, and my theme here is Rainbow Kitties. These are all 2.5 x 3.5 inches. They will all be for sale in my Ebay Store listed under Rainbow ACEO Kitties/Animals.  I am using various mediums including watercolor, pen and ink, Acrylics and Gouache. Here is the first week's work:  #1-7
Rainbow Kitty #1

Rainbow Kitty #2

Rainbow Kitty #3

Rainbow Kitty #4

Rainbow Kitty #5

Rainbow Kitty #6

Rainbow Kitty #7

And here are this week's puppy dogs . . . 

I mistakenly called this a long haired Chihuahua at first, and people corrected me immediately. I guess it's a Yorkie. Who knew? I have only had Chihuahuas with short hair, so my knowledge of dog breeds is limited. But I love to paint them all, and this one is taken from a photo by Bill Muck on Artist Reference Photos.

And I did a challenge on  Paint My Photo's website using inspiration from Matisse and his Lady with Green Eyes to paint an expressionistic Self Portrait from a photo. Here's me . . .
5x7 Watercolor and Pen


  1. Wonderful array of art, Penny. Your rainbow kitties and dogs are beautiful. I am amazed how gorgeous they are with those colors. Your self portrait is lovely. The ones I have tried to do turned out looking like a combination of me and my sister.

  2. Hi Penny. Your kitties and your self-portrait are awesome. All your work is very good. Happy PPF!

  3. Nice drawing, my cat passed away this year, maybe I should try to make a painting off him :)

  4. Fantastic animal paintings! Valerie

  5. I really love the way your Schnauzer and Yorkie turned out! So cute. The hair looks so good on the yorkie and there is so much life in the Schnauzer's eyes.


  6. Very lovely art! Love the colors of course.

  7. 30 in 30 days - it adds up doesn't it! I know I was having trouble coming up with what to paint - but you... clever girl, with your kitties and beautiful dogs will have no trouble at all. Lovely work.

  8. Your animal paintings are amazing! They look so alive and mostly happy!

  9. beautiful art Penny-I love the style and colors in these -especially the dogs:)

  10. I love your style. Your portrait is so grand. Blessings, Janet PPF

  11. What a good idea to do the same subject for all ATCs and an even better idea to make rainbow kitties. They are all really good but I think my favourite may be number 5.
    Your two dogs are super as well.
    A self portrait looks as if it would be difficult to do, but you've made such a good painting.

  12. Kitties 1 and 3 are my favorite. Their faces are particularly adorable! The dogs are both so wonderfully fluffy. And your Yorkie dog could also be a Silken Terrier. :D

  13. Oh, I love your work! It's so bright and colorful. And I love all the details you've added. I'm so happy to have you playing along with the Summer of Color this year, looking forward to Monday, xoxo


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