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Monday, July 14, 2014

SOC4: Week 6, Abstract Sailboat Sunset

Summer of Color4:  Week 6
Challenge:  Raspberry, Tangerine and Lemon Yellow

"Abstract: Sailboat in the Sunset" on auction at Ebay
 The ACEO is done on 1/8" thick masonite, not paper.
I had trouble photographing it to show the colors, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the swatches was SUNSET.   Now that I think about the names of the colors, I should have gone with a bowl of fruit.
I have attached magnetic material to the back so this one is an ACEO Magnet Art Piece that can be displayed on your Frig.  


More doodle art ACEO cards.

For sale in my Ebay store It seems to be working, doodling and lettering every day, and my Mojo has returned!