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Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring, Abstracts, Flowers and Puppies for PPF

ACEO: "Vanessa," A Baby in an Easter Bonnet and Pearls
Painted from a reference photo on Paintmyphoto.ning.com

Abstract Expressionism, Watercolor 5x7
Another "experimental" painting in watercolor class. We painted the outlines first, then filled in with color. Not sure how I feel about this one.

9x12 Watercolor on 140# hot press paper
Done from a photo on a blog challenge. Buildings are not my favorite, but that's what a challenge is for, right? Stretch . . . .

8x10 experiment with watercolor on gouache, 
then sanded with rough sandpaper, torn edges,
and mounted onto a backing board. 

Sunflowers, ACEO size

painted for DPW weekly challenge

Variation of the Morton Salt Girl ACEO
Painted for several challenges, Water, Puppies and Umbrellas!

A couple of Scruffy Stray Sad Eyed Dogs for 30/30 National Puppy Day

An ACEO of "Little Drops of Water in the Rain"


More doodle art ACEO cards.

For sale in my Ebay store It seems to be working, doodling and lettering every day, and my Mojo has returned!