Friday, July 28, 2017

Busy week painting with Acrylics, PPF

Several Paintings done for challenges online

5x7 Heavy application of paint (impasto) Snow Scene (SOLD)
painted from a video by Ginger Cook on Youtube
I always get so excited when I sell something! It makes me so happy that someone liked what I did enough to actually pay money for it!  LOL. Validation.

ACEO Pumpkin Blossom, for a challenge on Different Strokes, FB group

9x12 Serbian Landscape, a challenge for Paint and Draw Together Blog

Challenge on DPW to copy the Masters and then Paint in that style, using what you have learned.
This is Cezanne's artwork, used for inspiration for . . 

My painting 5x7 after Cezanne, Auction on DPW
and . . .

The robin I painted after loosening up with the Cezanne painting. 
4x6 Postcard size. Auction on DPW


  1. Your paintings are all beautiful, and congrats on selling one of those lovelies, it really is a good feeling! Happy PPF and have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. These are really lovely - such lovely colours and designs! Happy PPF from Number 34 :)

  3. I love the Cezanne look-alike! Fantastic job. All your paintings are beautiful.

  4. Ow wow many wonderful them...xx

  5. all very good work. Love your Cezanne better than Cezanne's.

  6. Wonderful week's worth of work Penny.

  7. Thank you all for your comments. I do appreciate the feedback so much.


Sleeping Kitty, ACEO, Alcohol Ink Art Painting, PPF

Sleeping Cat, ACEO 2.5 x 3.5 inches, Alcohol Ink on Photo Paper for sale on Ebay . This is all the painting artwork I did this week...