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Friday, July 14, 2017

Painting from Videos Online, PPF, A Busy Week

Painting from Videos Online

Here is my 8x10 Crazy Bright Colored Calico Cat painting, done from a video on YouTube, on 140# hot press paper, varnished front and back. I love trying new styles and taking classes in art. Since discovering the awesome multitude of videos online FREE to watch and paint, I am now overwhelmed on what to do next! This one was FUN to paint. Really fun. He looks a little bit cranky to me. But I do love him. Of course, he is for sale on Ebay in my store.

Have any of you tried painting along with videos online?


Another one done from an Online Video class, "Houses on the River," after Monet. I used loose canvas and adhered it to mat board. This 5x7 acrylic artwork comes with a white mat and backing board, so it will fit into an 8x10 frame.  For Sale on Ebay

My inspiration for this painting was Houses on the Achterzaan, by Claude Monet. He painted in Oil, but this is a tiny acrylic piece. 

NOTE: Artists have long been copying the masters to learn the art form. I am attempting to make tiny replicas of the actual paintings that I like, which I discover in books or online, but I certainly do not try to pass them off as the "real" thing, since my art is only 5x7 inches. As I am studying the master's works, I gain a real appreciation of each one. They painted in oils, and I use acrylic. As I find a painting that I want to reproduce, I read about the artist, his life, and his methods of creating art. I choose colors that are close to the original and paint my "version" of it.

Here are a couple more I did this week, from online videos (check out Ginger Cook on Youtube).

And a couple of horsey pictures I painted for the Different Strokes Challenges on Facebook.

And a few ACEOs, too. Done for Challenges on Facebook and DPW.
A field of Daisies


Abstract Calla Lilies

Contented Cat


  1. Love your cat! The colors are wonderful. I enjoy Gerda Lipski youtube videos. What ones have you enjoyed? Happy PPF

  2. I like Ginger Cook (painted the colorful cat with her). And Lachri Fine Art on youtube.

  3. Lovely pieces...girl on a beach is my favourite..from ppf...xx

  4. Terrific paintings - love them all!!

  5. all those are just terrific but you gotta love that colorful cat!

  6. Stunning work!! I just LOVE your colourful style...all great paintings!! That calico cat...the eyes...wow... all incredible work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I guess I will keep on painting. It helps to have people give feedback.


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