Friday, July 7, 2017

Zebras, Mama and Baby, ACEOs for PPF

Zebra Challenge

My beginning of these zebras 5x7 watercolor and pen went pretty well, and then I overworked it and it was awful. I liked the mama so I cut her out and made her into an ACEO card. Then I went back and did the baby again as an ACEO. The watercolor of the two of them no longer exists. LOL. But I did learn a lot and completed the challenge on Different Strokes Art Challenge, a Facebook group. Whew!

I could paste them back together, but the colors don't match. LOL.

These are for sale individually in my Ebay Store

This week I also did these challenges:

What did you have for breakfast?

Paint the frog's reflections (Sold)

Wild Sunflowers

A painting of a Paint Horse

All ACEO size, mostly watercolor and pen.

And during the last few weeks I finished these:

These little cards are fun to paint, don't take lots of time or stress, and give me a great deal of satisfaction to complete each one. 2.5 x 3.5 inches is challenging, but with tiny brushes and a little bit of paint and pen, they come to life.


  1. I really like the colours and style of your lemon composition. Thank you for sharing!

  2. My goodness you have been busy, these are wonderful! I especially love the white flowers.

  3. many gorgeous pieces...I am loving those flowers...go you...xx

  4. Hello Penny, you came to a happy solution with your sweet zebra paintings, so that's good. It's always annoying when we feel we've overworked something, but it all turned out really lovely :D)
    Your other pieces are wonderful and very creative. Happy PPF!

  5. Thank you for all those encouraging comments! I feel blessed to be able to paint and to meet such friendly artists on the internet.

  6. What a versatile artist you are! Your artwork is just lovely.


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