Hopefully this blog will inspire you to have confidence in your creative abilities and give you courage to learn and try new things. Try something NEW. It could be just what you need to make you a better artist, or a better person. My latest obsession is Amigurumi Crochet, and my favorite subjects right now are Hollywood Icons, Famous People and Characters.

Monday, October 21, 2019

NFAC Nibblefest 99cent auctions on EBAY

NFAC - Nibblefest Art Contest
Happens every month on the 20th. 
Search EBAY for more art bargains.

I have been doing more crochet than painting, but it is still art to me. These are my latest amigurumi doll creations, "Celebrities, Icons, Vintage and More. " I am working on items for a show at McGinty's Gallery at the end of the World, in Altadena, CA. More in the works.


For the Birds. PPF

These tiny acrylic paintings, all miniature ACEOs are for sale in my Ebay Store for this month's contest - the theme is Birds. Search EB...