Sunday, June 20, 2010

Abstract Painting En Plein Aire

Yesterday the Anza Valley Artists painted En Plein Air at Sylvia's house.  When I try to paint outside, the acrylics always dry so fast that I can't seem to create anything.  So it ends up as an abstract, impressionistic something or other.  Here's what happened during the 2 hour session this time.  I wound up using lots of vibrant colors from my palette so I wouldn't waste the paint.  Then I didn't like it so I added flowers, roses I think, and bows with Jo Sonja's Iridescent paints using lots and lots of Glaze Medium.  I prefer to use JS medium

I kind of like the painting, but I'm not sure, so I am going to take it to the Temecula Valley Artists group (TVAL) on Tuesday evening for a critique.  It's free and anyone is invited, members or not.  So come on down if you want to get some FREE advice on a particular painting you have done.  There is more information at their web site,  This is an active group and if you are a member you can display art in their Gallery in Temecula.  I volunteered to update their website and also became Secretary at the last regular meeting.  I like being involved and networking.  There are classes and events going on there all the time.  Here's the Bows and Blooms, or Ribbons and Roses, I haven't decided on the name yet, or even if it's done.


  1. Penny: What a lovely picture. It looks like delicate ribbon flowers surrounded with veil ribbon slowly floating within and above them. It's a wonderful feeling to see this masterful art.

  2. Thanks so much for your positive comments. At the Feedback Forum at TVAL they said I was like a femal Jackson Pollack. It sure was fun to paint this!


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