Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zentangle, White on Black, ACEO, ATC Challenge

This is a new one - a Zentangle Challenge.  New to me anyway.  I guess it is #100 for the site.  I used to do these a lot, because they are very ZEN and relaxing, but got away from it for a couple of years.  This weekly challenge inspired me to do some more.  Usually they are done with black pen on white paper, but, just to be different,  I used an acid free black mat board, cut to ATC/ACEO size, and an old fashioned ink pen dipped into white acrylic ink.  Not as dependable as a fine point marker, but when it created a blob, I just worked it into the design.  It's supposed to represent a form of dance, and I chose Rock and Roll.

You can bid on it on Ebay, starting at 99 cents.  7 day auction.


  1. Thanks. I had to try it since I had the black cards.

  2. You made a beautiful zia. Great to see you here.


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