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Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 18 - Happy President's Day

Day 18:  A Change of Face:  "Lost" 

There are only 28 days this month, so can it really be a 29 day challenge?  

I was bored with the bright colorful faces so this one went to Gouache.  That happens when a watercolor I am working on gets out of control and looks muddy or bad in some way.  I rarely if ever throw something away, even an ATC card, so here is the gouachey lady with the Mona Lisa Smile.  Very dreamy and pensive looking, with pretty white hair.  I kinda like her.

Tomorrow I go back to the bright colors and loose look.  I already have two more in the works.  


  1. She looks like shes daydeaming :) I wonder whats on her mind?

  2. Didn't they always say that about the Mona Lisa? Hmmmm. Maybe I channeled her . . . or not. I always make up stories about my paintings, and other people's as well. It's fun, especially when they are pet portraits.