Friday, September 4, 2015

Hats and Scarves, ACEO cherries

ACEO, Loose WC Cherries, Pen and Ink

This week I have done lots of crochet, but only one piece of art. I am determined to not obsess about the handiwork, and have vowed to do at least one piece of art each week. Got lots more yarn this week from a secret source. I love the colors and textures and just the feel of it all, and the best part is selecting the ones I like that look good together. 

Cloche, Freeform Crochet Hat for sale on my Etsy site.

And matching scarf. 

I am working on a blue/green combination, too.
I will post more pictures next week, after I have my new mannequin head/shoulders so I can display them properly, and my daughter is helping me make a "photo booth" for taking better pics. I am having sooooo much fun!


  1. Wow--you are such a talented, versatile artist! I adore your painting, and your crocheted pieces are magnificent.

  2. I love the painting but I want that hat. That is AWESOME!!!!


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