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Friday, August 28, 2015

A change of pace. Crochet Art? This week for PPF.

A Crowded Street, Watercolor and pen
ACEO, Sold on DPW

OLD PAINT. That's the only painting I did this week. I have so many in my current stash FOR SALE, that I decided to shift gears for awhile. I may paint a few loose watercolors now and then, with pen and ink, mostly ACEO size. I seriously have 500+ paintings in my virtual stores. So, what to do with all my time if I don't paint? I am retired and must keep busy to stay sane. Too much TV rots the brain. 

HOOKING. I decided to bring out my crochet hooks and get some yarn so I could make presents for Christmas gift giving. This week I made 5 hats, 2 neck scarves, a market bag,  a doggie snood, and 4 large granny squares for an afghan. I have lots of free time, and like I do with painting, I am very fast. 

IS IT ART? Then while searching for free patterns on the internet, I found Freeform Crochet. It's like painting with yarn. No pattern, well almost no pattern. There are things called "scrumbles" that you can make and there are basic instructions for those. You can sew them together and make things out of them, or perhaps just create "ART" for the wall.

YARN. My daughter scored 3 huge bags of yarn for me, every kind and color imaginable, so now I am set for awhile. I will post some of the things I have made so far, and this blog will have both fiber art and painting for awhile.

My beginning granny square afghan, and my little applehead chihuahua, Lily.

Hat for Robin and Snood for her doggie.

Crochet bag for carrying fruit at the market.

very heavy yarn, but quick crochet hat.
This one needs a fancy doodad scrumble.

Gina's Christmas Slouchy Hat. She claimed this one.

A grey slouchy hat with a freeform crochet flower.

Black and White hat with freeform crochet abstract design.
This was a present for Pat, our hairdresser at the Salon.

Me and my Little Girl, at the Hairdresser's, getting new hairdos. 

If I keep on making these hats, etc., I may have to open another store on Ebay.

Next week, scrumbles and slippers?


  1. You've been one busy lady! Love the painting and all the crochet pieces!

    1. Thanks, Erika. I am going to try to make one ACEO a week, and spend the rest of the time crocheting.

  2. So pretty and productive. I tried crocheting and could not get my fingers to cooperate with the hook, so went back to my knitting.
    Your paintings are wonderful too....love that busy street of people.

    1. LOL. Hi, Wanda. I cannot knit. I kept dropping stitches and my tension never was consistent. But I love to crochet! Thanks.

  3. your crochet pieces takes me back years, i havent done crocheting in a good while but thinking maybe i spend a few hours at it now and again

    luv the water colour also

    have a nice weekend

    much love...

  4. Thanks, Gillena. I think now is a good time, since Christmas presents that are handmade are so much more personal than just buying something, so they are all getting slippers or hats or something from me this year. Maybe pot holders . . .

  5. I love the card and the crocheting. Good work!

  6. I like your hats especially the first one. I wish I could crochet. My mom tried teaching me many times but my hands just don't get it. :-)

  7. Beautiful crochet and photo of your and your daughter!! Well done! Lots of stitches go into those pieces, I remember them well!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Way to keep at it and keep busy, Susan! You are right--TV will rot your brain!! :-)


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