Friday, August 21, 2015

ACEOs, Teapots for NFAC

Teatime at Nibblefest! Bidding on these ACEOs starts at 99 cents on Ebay.

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Obviously, I cannot decide what style I prefer to paint in, or what medium to use. The Red Teapot is very loose style watercolor and pen, Blue one in the middle has a thick heavy application of acrylic done in a painterly style, and flowered Blue and White teapot on the bottom is a Folk Art style done with acrylic. The dots on the doily were done with a stylus.

More ACEOs this week . . 

Poppies, very impressionistic, heavy impasto acrylic

Boston Terrier, realistic style, acrylic on textured background

Very loose style, done with Tradio Pen and ink, "Moo Cow."

Pink Ballet Slippers, ACEO, Tradio Pen and watercolor

Repurposed Cowboy Boots, used as a planter. WC, Pen and Ink.


  1. Love your beautiful art. All are charming . Moo Cow favorit ♥

  2. You hit a nerve Penny ~ All the things I love...old tea kettles...have one on my balcony with a creep charlie plant. (I've painted it) Tea cups and pot....I have 8 hat boxed full, and now room to display them now in our retirement apartment. Oh my I also have a painting of boots and a hat. I feel right at home here.... Can I move in....HaHa. Sending hugs.

  3. Lots of wonderful art here! Especially love "Moo Cow"

    1. Cow seems to be the favorite, but I sold the red teapot, so go figure!

  4. All your pieces are lovely - especially the flowers and ballet shoes.

  5. Love them all, especially the animals.


Sleeping Kitty, ACEO, Alcohol Ink Art Painting, PPF

Sleeping Cat, ACEO 2.5 x 3.5 inches, Alcohol Ink on Photo Paper for sale on Ebay . This is all the painting artwork I did this week...