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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Painting with Pastels

Another two days of painting.  What a treat!  Yesterday was the regular weekly meeting of our Palomar Painters group with Carol Ravy's watercolor class, only the teacher was sick so we painted by ourselves.  We were supposed to start our self-portrait, but since I had finished mine, I decided to start on one of Scott using pastels, a medium I had never tried before.

This was my second attempt at a portrait and my first use of pastels, so I am pleased enough with the results, even if the "sketch" didn't turn out looking much like Scott.  It shows me where I need to revise the final painting, higher forehead, smaller nose, work on the eyes -- just about everything except the colors which I like.  I also really enjoyed using the pastels and will go get some REAL paper tomorrow.  This one was done on newsprint which was thin and had no tooth, or rough surface, so it was prone to tearing and not much of a cooperative support.  But, live and learn.  I was just making a sketch anyway so it will look entirely different when I paint it in acrylics, or when I redo the pastel portrait on good paper.  But not bad for a first try.  I love expanding my horizons.  He sort of looks Chinese, but he isn't.

Today, I went to Sandy's to paint with the 3 musketeers, Alicia, Sandy and me.  We had a blast.  I painted a floral bouquet in acrylics on paper and started a rooster.  The rooster still lacks feet and he needs more feather work, but the flowers are done, I think., except for a frame and to list it on etsy.

We were only at it for four hours and I was trying to show them a few tricks with their paintings as well.  Tole painting taught me lots of shortcuts and ways of using brushes and flow medium, etc. for shading and making fur.  Alicia finally finished her Leopard and Sandy is working on a landscape with a squirrel that looks a little like a chipmunk.  But everything is part of the learning experience.

Now I am off to add more of my art projects to etsy.com. I am up to lucky number 13 already, with about 20 more to list.

Have fun painting.  I know I do.

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