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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anza Valley Artist's Group Message


Hi everybody,

This is just a short update on the last couple of weeks.

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, several of us went to the Hamilton Museum for the Spring Arts and Crafts Fair.   It was small but as usual a very pleasant day.   Penny sold a couple of her artist trading cards (for $5 each), which gives us an idea of what customers think they can afford and purchase in these times.   They are small yet very unique and can be personalized, too.  Sue also sold some cards which were printed from her watercolors.

At the Earth Day event on May 22, it was much windier, but we positioned the peg boards and had no problems with things blowing other than gritty dust.   Sue, Penny and I set up and then Ruben Arellano stopped by and had some paintings in his car, so he joined us.   Ruben has been to a couple of our meetings over the last year, and he exhibits in Idyllwild as well.  Sylvia was also at the event, spinning wool.   Penny was able to trade one of her painted saw blades, and we told as many people as possible about the upcoming show in September. There are only one or two spots available for people to exhibit!

Next AVA meeting: June 19, 2010 at 1:00 at Sylvia's house.    Sylvia has offered (thank you!) to have us paint in her yard.   She has large trees (shade!) and a pond, and the sheep and many really interesting areas to see.   Sylvia also created a card which we can use to mail out announcements for the show, so we'll look at that and figure out how much it will cost to print them.   We need to get those printed soon, as September is only 4 months away!

Tim Lauridsen has spoken to Valentina, and she asked him if the AVA would like to use her yard for plein-air painting.   I haven't called her yet, but Sue and I were thinking her place might be good for July or August, if she is available.

Sue asked if anyone was planning to attend Dory's event in Mountain Center on May 30.  I have never been there, but Sue and Colleen have both gone there in the past.   If you'd like more information about this event please contact them.  May 30 is a Sunday, if that helps!   If anyone does go, please ask Dory when the next year's event is scheduled.   Wouldn't it be good to set up the year's scheduled shows ahead of time, especially if some of us want to be available to exhibit at these shows and keep the AVA group name out there? 

So, see you all soon! ---  Laura

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