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Monday, January 28, 2013

Illustration Fridays and Zen Doodles for Artomat

I just finished this 2 x 3 inch Zendoodle - But it's not for sale . . . yet.
It will be in an Art-o-mat machine someplace in the US or Australia in the near future.  I still have 19 more to draw to complete my 50, then box and ship them back to Artists In Cellophane.  

I believe in TWOFERS, so this is also my submission to Illustration Fridays theme of the week:  "Wings" which is the title of this one.  
Mabe Threefers, if there is such a thing!  This is my entry for Paint Party
Fridays as well.  


  1. Have always admired people who can doodle and yours is a beaut Penny. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Its wonderful. Looks like a butterfly to me. HPPF

  3. Beautiful zentangle. I Lo-o-o-ve your blog header. Fabulous paintings or fabulous photos of live animals. I can't tell which.

  4. Thanks, Faye and Cris and Netty,

    Anyone can doodle! Just grab a pen and paper and have fun with it! I used to paint pet portraits so those are actually acrylic paintings in my header that were commissioned by people who wanted to immortalize their beloved animals. They are larger than I am painting right now. I am using watercolor and painting ATC/ACEO cards mostly 2.5 x 3.5 inches, and a very loose style. We do change, don't we.


Watercolor sketching with Pen and Ink, PPF

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