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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

29 Faces in Feb 2013: 6, 7 and 8

For Artists in Blogland:  Good friends . . . 

Would you recognize your good friends from 40 years ago?  I remember the little red headed girl in school, but I wonder what she looks like now and what she will be in 40 more years? 

These are a set, the metamorphosis of a woman from childhood to old age.  See the resemblance?  I did not plan this - they just sort of fit together.
These 3 ACEOs were painted for the 29 Faces in February 2013 Challenge on Facebook. They go together, so that's why I have made them a "set." The little red headed girl is about 6, freckle faced with a big toothy grin, crooked teeth and a bit cross-eyed, but cute. The "Retro Mom" is about 46, perfectly made up, though a few crinkles are beginning to show around her eyes, and a bit of a double chin is evident. Then about 40 years later, "Wrinkled and Old" depicts how she might look at 86. I really like how this happened, unplanned, sort of like life. First you're young, then you're old. 
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  1. wow thats a fab series Penny, x

  2. Love your faces and the rich colours you use.

  3. Thanks, Netty, Denthe and Annie! I appreciate your comments very much. It's nice to get encouragement for a new style for my work.


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