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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sending 6x6x2013 paintings out Friday: PPF

Paint Party Friday:  Mailing 6x6x2013 on 3/15/2013

Well, I was going to do 6, but I got 4 done.  So it's time to let them go.  I have been painting a lot lately and giving it all away.  Seems to be working.  I am opening the flow so more energy can flow in.  You cannot receive compensation or $$ if you have a closed fist and are holding on to something that you cannot release, like art.  These were painted as exercises and challenges on 6 x 6 paper.  I love them all, but they are not going to live here any more.

If you want more information on this project, visit http://www.roco6x6.org

Rochester Contemporary Art Center's (RoCo), international small art phenomenon returns for the 6th year! Help us build an exhibition of thousands of artworks made and donated by celebrities, international & local artists, designers, college students, youths, and YOU. Each artwork must be 6x6 square inches (15cm) or mounted to a 6x6 board, and signed only on the back, to be exhibited anonymously. All entries will be accepted, exhibited and will be for sale to the public for $20 each (in the gallery and online for global purchasing) to benefit RoCo. Artist names will be revealed to the buyer upon purchase and all artworks remain on display through July 14, 2013. Sold Out artists' names will be revealed next to their work online on July 5. Anyone may enter up to 6 artworks of any medium (2D or 3D) and there is no fee to enter. Please fill-out the entry form and mail your artworks directly to:


  1. So expressive and wonderful!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. Penny, your art is lovely. I like the first one best. I tend to hold onto everything I do except for handmade greetings cards, which I do send.

  3. Beautiful paintings. I love your flower paintings. beautiful composition, colors. Fantastic effect!!! so expressive. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks Mary, Faye and Aga! I like setting them free so I can paint more. It feeds my obsession to keep on painting.

  5. These are truly beautiful....I almost entered a show like this in my area but missed the deadline.. I think I may enter it next year. I thought it would be fun to follow the art online!! Good luck someone will love them!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Loving your beautiful works of art. Happy PPF, Annette x


  7. Wonderful pieces, really beautiful! Just love the bottom one. <3

  8. Loving the last one, it's gorgeous. They all are, really! :) Great works. And you're right, if you're holding on too tight, you could never make money from it. I think a lot of artists go through this phase! Great work!

  9. Beautiful work and so genourous of you to give them away


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