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Friday, March 7, 2014

Medieval Characters, Paint Party Friday

Medieval Characters created for a game 
From Pencil to Paint

This week I worked on these characters for my grandson's narrative studies project.  They are 6x6 mixed media done on 140# watercolor paper.  Usually I don't sketch much freehand, but the process was fun.  First a pencil sketch, then inking with a permanent pen, erase the sketches and paint with watercolor, gouache and a touch of white acrylic.  

And I did another challenge on Daily Paint Works, a portrait of Einstein.

After a loose sketch using the photo as a reference, I started with watercolor in a very loose style.  After covering most of my white paper, I went to white opaque Chinese White and then gouache which mixes with the colored watercolors on the paper.  Then I played around with a nib pen and noodlers ink, and a bit of tit. white acrylic for the final highlights.  Hint: Use a toothpick dipped in liquid golden acrylic white for the highlights in the eyes.

I am pleased with it, even though it is not at all what I intended to do.  

See the other challenge entries here.  You can enter the weekly challenges without being a member of DPW. 


  1. Brilliant! I think you need to sketch freehand more often. These characters turned out beautifully.

  2. Thanks, Marji. Not sure how happy he is with them, but it is difficult to get into another person's mind and see what they are actually envisioning. LOL. It was fun!

  3. wow they are all fab Penny. Happy PPF, Annette x


  4. Nice collection of art Penny. Love Einstein.
    Annabelle : )

  5. Really nice! Have a wonderful Friday

    Much love...

  6. Gorgeous work!! Wow, so impressive!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. fantastic paintings Penny, and your Einstein is amazing!

  8. Wow, so many neat characters. My son would love this for his learning. Wonderful colors and design. I especially like the horse character. Have a fun day!

    I'm late as usual!
    Happy PPF :)


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