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Friday, July 25, 2014

NFAC, Whippet, Donkey, Cat, Windmill, Owl PPF

Art projects I completed this week

My Wildlife Fowl Owl
11x14 Acrylic Psychedelic Owl Abstract Impressionistic Impasto using Fluorescent Neon Paint that glows under Black Light. Done for a challenge on Daily Paintworks, from this photo. I don't like painting owls, so I challenged myself to do it with style!  Now I have some really cool paint to play with!

My 3 Paintings for NFAC, Nibblefest Auctions on Ebay
which End on July 26th
Animals with Hats - starting at 99 cents. The auctions for Nibblefest happen every month on the 20th for 7 days. Some great bargains can be had for the bidding, and sometimes they go for a lot of money. One that started at 99 cents is already at $304 - Wow! Mine are much more reasonable.

"Whippet, Whippet Good!" 11x14 Devo Dog with an Energy Dome Hat, or is it an Italian Greyhound? Acrylic on canvas board.  

"Hee Haw" 5x7 Original Acrylic Donkey Mule Horse Jackass wearing Old Hat. Auction starts at 99 cents for NFAC - one week only! Thanks to Marcus Moller on Paintmyphoto.ning.com for the reference photo.

This one from the Rainbow Cat series had a hat already, so I entered him, too, because we can do three. ACEO for 99 cents.


This landscape "Sunrise in the Country" is for Auction on DPW
The challenge: Paint a windmill. I found a great reference photo on the FREE paintmyphoto.ning.com website. After cropping, it is a 9x12 Gouache on 300# paper. 
I usually use Goache when my watercolors go south. Sometimes I can save them and sometimes not. This one ended up sort of expressionistic or surreal?


  1. Just beautiful paintings you have on show today, I enjoyed them Penny!

  2. The painting are incredible, You are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday:

  3. They are all fantastic, too hard to pick a fave today! Valerie

  4. I love owls and love this little Screechy ... you painting of him was exciting. And what animal with a hat doesn't look good ... great fun. Love all of it!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. amazing work, I enjoyed my visit so much!

  6. There are all amazing but I just adore your colorful owl and the fun whippet!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. You have captured this cross owl's expression so well, and I like the others too, especially the donkey and the cat.

  8. What wonderful paintings! I love them all...what a talented artist you are!

  9. Wow all of these are excellent but that owl OmGoshhh Wonderful!!

  10. Beautiful animal portraits Penny, I love them all! And the windmill is awesome, I like the colours you used on the mill very much.
    Happy PPF

  11. Thank you for linking up Feline Art Friday, hope to see you back soon:



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