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Friday, February 6, 2015

Dogs, Rodents and Tulips, PPF

Playing with Paint

9x12 Watercolor on Yupo Paper, loose style, with lots of drippy wet paint. If you haven't tried painting on yupo, it will be an experience to loosen up and let the paint do the work. I like yupo when I feel like playing. It reminds me of fingerpaints. But be careful not to touch the paper because the oils from your hands will prevent the paint from sticking. You can see where I held the paper on the lower left side, my thumb print is there.  But I usually leave things like that because somehow it feels like a happy accident.

ACEO sketch card, Field Mouse with Flower, a little 2.5 x 3.5 inch painting done in watercolor with a little bit of pen linerwork. He has a bid already. Just a little sketch card for the mouse collectors.

English Springer Spaniel 5x7 mixed media on 140# cold press
painted three times from different photos but one dog. I think this one is sold.
5x7 Same dog, watercolor on 140# cold press paper
and the same dog below, 
8x10 Watercolor and Higgins White Ink on 140# hot press paper


  1. Watercolor is my favorite but I've never played with Yuppo. I'll have to try it. Your work is amazing. Love that little mouse! Thanks for sharing, happy Paint Party Friday :)

  2. Your paintings are so sweet. I adore the mouse!!!

  3. Penny, your dog paintings are so vivid!

  4. Your water colour paintings are amazing in their detail. Happy PPF.

  5. love your mouse and I am scared of mice but when they are painted. They are cute. They
    are pretend. Nice job as usual.

    Your dogs are lovely. I have told you that many times a year ago.

  6. Wonderful work! I think the first spaniel painting is my favorite!

  7. Lovely paintings, each one, yet the expression of the first Springer Spaniel just sings to me. Precious!

  8. Wonderful paintings...that Springer has my heart as my bestie had one and I loved that dog!! So much personality and you have captured it in these paintings!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. beautiful watercolors...great job with the dogs on small piece of paper...it takes a lot of control to paint small scale!


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