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Friday, April 10, 2015

ACEOs, Books, Horse, for PPF

The Theme this week for my 30/30 ACEO Facebook group is Books and Reading.

A Boy, A Book and Glasses

Cherokee, Old Blue Eyes, Pony/Horse
Painted for a challenge on Reference Photos for Artists FB group. The horse had glaucoma, so I tried to capture the look in the eyes.

The Rite of Spring, Abstract
Challenge on DPW to let loose and give the "feeling" of spring.

Citywalk, Man, Boy, Dog.
Something from my imagination. Just scribbles that turned into a scene.

Another Book Theme ACEO:
Apple, Books and Pencils.
Playing with my Tradio Stylo TRJ Pentel ink pen that is NOT waterproof and bleeds in fun ways that I really like. Not trying for perspective here, just loose watercolor and illustration of a theme. Books bring back school days for me. Does anyone read real hardcover books any more? Or write with wooden pencils? Or know what a real paper spiral notebook looks like? These could be relics of the past soon.


  1. Wonderful work, happy PPF! Valerie

  2. Love the little boy and the horse...wonderful work Penny!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Fab illustrations-love the gentle look of the horse!

  4. These are fiu. I especially like the boy with his glasses and book!


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