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Friday, November 20, 2015

NFAC, Nibblefest dogs for PPF, and Crochet Granny Square Vest

I used to blog every week, but now it is every month, I guess. I don't paint as often so Paint Party Friday has turned into Paint Party Monthly for me.

I did do a pet portrait commission of Rico this week, 5x7 watercolor and pen/ink. I think he turned out really cute, but you never know how the person it was intended for will like it. Have to wait till after Christmas to find out, I guess.
And it's Nibblefest time again, where we have once a month 99 cent auctions on Ebay for one week. Since the theme this month is "dogs" I just had to add a few ACEOs to the mix. Search Ebay for more great NFAC art bargains. Here are my entries, all watercolor, pen and ink, ACEO size.

Back to the 70's. Here is my hippie style Granny Squares Vest and matching hat. Do you think people from the 70's or in their 70's, like me, would wear this vest? I know I would, so, if it does not sell, I have a new outfit for the new year! LOL.
I made the hat with leftover yarns to match the vest.

The pattern was free, on this site: https://sites.google.com/site/groovycrochet/ and there are lots more to choose from, like ponchos, gypsy bags, halters, and more vests, if you are looking for yesteryear yarnspiration!


Watercolor sketching with Pen and Ink, PPF

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