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Friday, November 10, 2017

Castle Painting, Mixed Media

One of the challenge groups I belong to offered this one for painting.
Challenge 71 - Boldt Castle Entrance Tower on Heart Island in the Saint Lawrence River

About the photo reference
At the boundary between Canada and US, along the St Lawrence river there are more than 1000 islands. Some are as small as a few rocks together and some big enough to have an entire castle built on it.
On the US side, there is an island called Hart Island, where the Boldt castle was built by a husband for his wife who unfortunately did not live long enough to see it. Nowadays it is a tourist attraction,  in the process of being restored and finished.
The photo above shows one of the entrance towers at the edge of the island. I love the architecture and old aged stone bricks against blue sky and blue running water. I hope you would enjoy painting and drawing it.

Anyone can join the challenges at http://paintanddrawtogether.blogspot.com/. They are usually fun but this one was difficult for me.

Artist: Penny Stewart
Size: 12x12 inches
Medium & Support: Canvas
Artist Blog: https://penny-stewart.blogspot.com/
Artist Website: www.craftylady.com
Painting Technique : Mixed media acrylic and ink


  1. Magnificent, absolutely stunning! Gorgeous details, I am in love with the rooftops, that wonderful sheen and linework . The whole scene is deeply beautiful!
    happy PPF
    Victoria #23

  2. Thanks, Victoria! I am not sure it is my usual style, if I even have a style, that is! LOL.

  3. Your painting is absolutely wonderful. . .you captured the essence of the whole photo and made it striking in your own style. I love it. Blessings, Janet


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