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Friday, April 12, 2013

Paint Party Friday: More Piggies

This weeks Pig Gallery:  
I have been painting pigs for a couple of months, and cannot stop. 
It's a pig passion of sorts.  I quit eating bacon, too.
All acrylic, some on wood and some on canvas boards.

Raspy looking good after her weight loss.
This one will be up for auction on Ebay later today.  
6x6 on wood panel with 3/4 inch sides.
100% of the proceeds go to help www.ironwoodpigsanctuary.org

Painted this one yesterday.
Kaylee, a Pot Bellied Piggy,
goes on Ebay in a few weeks, if she doesn't sell on DPW

Another one shipped last week.
Baby, Commissioned Pet Piggy Portrait, Sold

Finished this one this week.
Raspy, before she lost a bunch of weight.
Commissioned Pet Piggy Portrait, Sold

Miss Piggy, sold today on Ebay to raise Money for www.ironwoodpigsanctuary.org


  1. wow Penny your pig paintings are totally awesome.
    Happy PPF, Annette x


  2. Marvelous, who couldn't love Miss Piggy! Happy PPF

  3. oh, love the pig paintings!! What an interesting subject. i love the closeups... ;-) xox

  4. Thanks, everyone! I will keep painting piggies until I lose interest. My attention span is not that great. I live variety, but right now it's pigs.

  5. Wow, you have certainly been busy! I love all of the little piggy paintings, they all have such character unique unto themselves! Keep them coming!

  6. Ooooh what glorious piggies... I just want to go and give them a squishy hug. LUV the one with the teeth just poking out.... he's got a wicked twinkle in his eye LoL :-D
    IKE xxx

  7. Really expressive paintings, quite strong! Wonderfully done! <3

  8. Thanks!! The one with the wicked twinkle in her eye is Kaylee, and I am glad I captured that look. They are all lovable and huggable. although, I have never met a pig in person!

  9. You really can paint animals wonderfully well, Penny. I especially like the cute smile Raspy has since she lost all that weight.

  10. These are just so appealing... their faces, your wonderful brush work... so many wonderful things to see in your work ... sorry I am late getting here for PPF but figuring I am just extending the fun... well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it ...xx

  11. Omg these are the sweetest paintings ever!! Love love love there little faces and expressions and great eyes!! Adorable...love Kaylees bottom teeth...oh I am smitten....

    Hugs Giggles

  12. OMG!!!!! you are amazing. These pig paintings are wonderful!!!! You have captured the pig in every detail and brought smiles as well.

  13. You are all too kind. Thank you for encouraging me. I will keep painting piggies!

  14. Love your sweet pigs! Perfect Details and Expression ♥

  15. Love to see them all together! And Kaylee is new to me, she looks fantastic! :-)

    Ilona xxx


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