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Friday, September 6, 2013

PPF: Finished 29 Faces in September 2013

Challenge:  Paint a Face a Day in September 2013
I finished the 29 faces a bit early so here they are on Friday, 9/27/13
Paint Party Friday!!!!

Last 4 faces:  26-29
A Platinum Blonde

Oriental Beauty #1

Oriental Beauty #2

An Old Redhead

Face #25:  Aunt Mary, Dollhouse Miniature, 1 1/2 inches wide

Face #24:  Dollhouse Miniature, Family Portrait, Papa

Face #23:  Dollhouse Miniature, Family Portrait, Mama

Face #17 and #18, Quick little ink washes done in my sketchbook

Face #16:  Cowgirl Sue

Face #15:  Cowboy Kid

Face #14:  Man with Turban

Day 10:  "Big Chief"

Day 7:  ACEO, WC and Pen, Sweet 16

Day 3:  Ms. Peacock:


  1. Love your ATC cards. Enjoy the challenge :)

  2. I like Your lively lines, especially the first potret is wonderful.

  3. Oh, these are charming! And tiny, too. I don't care what anyone says, working in a 2.5x3.5" format is not easy. You make it look easy. :) Looking forward to seeing what's next!

  4. Wonderful sketches. I love all of them and especially the one with the huge hat.

  5. Awesome variety, love your style!The first one is my favorite, too, interesting angle and brush work! <3

  6. Love the gestural qualities and fluidity of these!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. Such a colorful collection of faces, lovely!

  8. I love these! They are beautiful and have a wonderful energy! I especially like day 1, I love hats.

  9. Penny, this is so delightful seeing all of your faces together. I should start doing mine as a group. It makes visiting so much easier. Really gorgeous sketches. I like the Vegas girl and the Person of Interest.

  10. fantastic sketches. such character in each one. the expressions are so evident and the colors so vibrant!

  11. Wonderful faces, they have so much character!

  12. Oh these are such a cool style...love them!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. These are fun! I really like the loose style and bright colors. I had no idea they were so small--they look like things one would use whole arm motions to make. Beautiful!

  14. Wow, so many beautiful faces to see here. Each is different but all are wonderful.

  15. All fabulous...I love how your style shines beyond the faces!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. KUDOS to you for keeping up with this challenge! So interesting to see all the nuances Penny! Happy PPF:)

  17. As I scrolled down, I'd say to myself, "OH that's my favorite" and then I'd see another one and say the same. Your versatile works are wonderful. I love ms peacock, and suzie Q. And really all of them.

  18. Wonderful faces! Congratulations on finishing the 29 faces challenge!

  19. Really nice watercolor work. So colorful.

  20. What a beautiful, colorful collection of faces.
    I have finished my 29 faces also, so I now have some time to visit all the participants of the challenge :-)
    Have a great day!
    xxx Marianne MW


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