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Friday, September 13, 2013

30 paintings in 30 days - ACEOs

The Challenge:  Paint One Painting a day for 30 days in Sept 2013
 Visit Leslie Saeta's Blog for more information.
PPF, Paint Party Friday

These are all 2.5 x 3.5 inches, Little ATC/ACEO cards.

Day 30:  Wine and Fruit in front of a Window

Day 29:  Flowers in the Sun, Floral Bouquet in a Green Soda Pop Bottle

Day 28:  5 Pumpkins and a Black Cat

Day 27:  A Sincere Halloween Pumpkin Patch tiny landscape.

Day 26:  Ferns and Flowers in an Urn

Day 25:  Bougainvillea Bush

Day 24:  Fat Cat in Pumpkin Patch

Day 23: Black Cat with 3 Pumpkins

Day 22:  3 Black Cats in a Pumpkin Patch, for Halloween, ACEO

Day 21:  The Long Walk Home:  ACEO WC and Pen

Day 20: Pot of Geraniums, WC ACEO, SFA (Small Format Art)

Day 19:  ACEO: Gypsy Fortune Teller, costume for Halloween

Day 18:  Magenta Pansy Flowers

Day 17:  Ceramic Pot with bouquet of flowers.

Day 16: 3 Blue/Black Tulips

Day 15:  Waiting for Mom:  Lonesome Pup

Day 14:  Pirate Dog in Costume for Halloween

Day 13:  Halloween Kitty:  Puss in Boots.  Ready to Trick or Treat.

Day 12:  Hydrangeas in a Pot:  WC and Pen, ACEO

Day 11:  White Flower #1, ACEO WC & Pen

Day 10:  "Basset Hound" ACEO, WC & Pen and Ink

Day 9:  Black and White Cat ACEO Watercolor and Pen

Day 8:  Fluffy Cat, or Scratchy Cat?  ACEO, WC pen and ink.

Day 7:  ACEO:  Tipsy Vase of Folk Art Flowers.

Day 6:  ACEO:  "Thistles" watercolor and pen

Day 5:  ACEO, Folk Art:  "Flowers by Design"  Watercolor and Pen

Day 4:  ACEO, Folk Art Floral Bouquet in Yellow Vase

Day 3:  ACEO, A Spring Bouquet of Wildflowers in a Green Vase

Day 2:  Red Roses in a blue glass vase ACEO

Day 1:  Watercolor Sunflower ACEO:  Loose Illustration Style.  


  1. I love your bright colors and free style!

  2. These are so beautiful! I love your bright colors Penny!

  3. Lovely... are these little watercolors? Found you thru the 30 Day Challenge and glad I did!

  4. Yes, they are 3.5 x 2.5 inches, ATC/ACEO cards and I have painted over 500 of them. Sorta like an obsession?

  5. Fun, lovely and lyrical! Love your work.

  6. How adorable...love these little paintings, bright, colorful, adorable. Found you on the 30 Day Challenge, have fun.

  7. You have a great collection here. I really like your stile! Hope you enjoy the rest of the challenge!

  8. These are all lovely. And I love your Puss in Boots ~ he's charming!

  9. It's my first time visiting your blog Penny, but I'm so glad I did...how can you do such fabulous paintings every day?
    I am truly in awe of both your work and committment! ;D
    I'm going back now to take a closer look at your work.

    Enjoy your week and I hope to meet you again soon :D

  10. They are very tiny pictures, Nessie. 2.5 x 3.5 inches. And I am retired so I have lots of free time. Thanks!

  11. great results, Happy PPF, Annette G

  12. Wow, a regular art gallery, Penny! I sure did enjoy the visit. I loved the basset hound and the waiting for mom, especially since I just love dogs.

  13. These are all so great!! I think my favorites are day 19 & 15 :)

  14. Wow -- this is an impressive set of paintings! They're all so good. My favorites are definitely the florals.

  15. Beautiful work! I love the flowers and the cats. Two of my favorite things!

  16. Love all of these...the flowers are stunning in all their color and I love " waiting for mom" very nice job!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. wow wow wow are you talented! each in their own way is beautiful. i love the pastel flowers but really, i love each and all! HPPF

  18. These are great ACEOs with a variety of subjects. Blessings, Janet PPF

  19. Gorgeous and inspiring creativity.


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