Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Penny Paint Pet Portraits, PPF

Penny Paints Pet Portraits

This week's New Art is all about Dogs


"Orion" 6x6 on wood panel, SOLD
He was painted for a challenge on DPW, to paint what brings you JOY.  Animals always bring me joy.  Especially when they smile.

Another painting of "Jackson"
I did this one on a 5x7 wood panel 3/4" deep, and painted it black around the edge on all sides. Jackson is a long-haired Chihuahua with an appealing grin, and loving personality  The painting can sit on a shelf without a frame.  SFA. Small Fine Art.
I have a ledge all around the room where I can display my art pieces.

and last but not least, "Dillon"

This was done on a 6x6 wrapped canvas, finished around the edge with continuous painting of the subject. A long haired scruffy dog, up close and personal. The painting can be displayed on a shelf or hung on the wall without a frame. Small Format Art. SFA. Original, one of a kind, not a print. Painted from a reference photo of Dillon, posted by Rob on Paint My Photo.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sketching with Pen and Painting with Acrylics

I have launched a new FACEBOOK PAGE for my Pet Portraits.  Please visit if you have time and give it a LIKE.  Thanks.  

The Winner of my "Two Lilies" painting is Sharon Bright of Clive, Ohio!  Congratulations, Sharon!

This week's Art Work . . .

At the Beach
I am quick sketching more now using a fine liner pen. These are "Gesture Drawings," preliminary sketches in my 4x6 notebook. . . 

eventually turn into 2x3 inch Acrylic and Pen Artomat blocks.
I am making 100 of these, no two alike.

Thanks to Lynn at Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens for the topic.
6x6 Watercolor and Pen on 140# Hot Press Paper
Reference photo from

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Art This week, Easter Lilies, Ladies in Bonnets, Seascape and FREE ART

How about a trip to the Seashore?
6x6 Acrylic on Gessobord 1/4 inch thick

Another Challenge on Daily Paint Works, this time to do a painting which is a cross between Impressionism and Expressionism, Mid-ism? Anyway, I tried. I have no idea if I succeeded, but I just love this one. Much less detail than my realistic pet portraits. They provided the reference photo.  Auction Here

"In Your Easter Bonnet, with All the Frills Upon it . . . "
Pink Polka Dots
Big Yellow Hat

My little Chihuahua dog, Lily, is named after this flower, 
because she was born on Easter Sunday 11 years ago. 

A quick sketch of the rickety old wooden swing in my backyard.

FREE ART:  The winner of last week's FREE ART contest is Lynn Cohen of Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens.  Congratulations, Lynn! She will be getting 9 of my ATC cards and supplies to make her own.


Update, 4/11/14, and THE WINNER IS:  Sharon Bright.  Congratulations!

This week, if you want to win adopt a FREE Painting (shipping included), all you need to do is sign up for my online Art Newsletter below or on my website  A winner will be randomly chosen in one week, on April 10. If you are already subscribed, you will receive an email this week telling you about the FREE ART contest.  All subscribers are automatically entered.

This is the FREE Painting that someone will win: 
 "Two Easter Lilies," 9 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas Board.  

Subscribe to our mailing list to be entered to win this painting.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Man and Donkey, PPF

Don't forget to enter the FREE ART contest on my blog.  This week I am giving away 9 of my ATC cards plus supplies to make your own.  Leave a comment on the FREE ART blog post.  Hurry, because the contest ends Sunday, March 30. Thanks.  There will be another one next week.

This week's paintings
 "Man and Donkey"
9x12 Watercolor on Hot Press 140# paperI did this one for a challenge to paint shadows, on the Loose Watercolor group at PaintMyPhoto.ning.comReference Photo:

Ocean View, 4x6 acrylic on heavy paper.  Done for a challenge on using only 3 primary colors plus white.

I finished this funny looking Fluffy White Dog
10x10 on wooden panel, acrylic

 And these are the ATC size cards I made for Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens

It's been a busy week!

FREE ATC cards and supplies, Contest ends Mar 30

FREE ART Contest
And the winner is . . . . Lynn Cohen who posted onMarch 24, 2014 at 12:50 PM

"I am in a small group of folks who make and share ATCs with each other to each persons individual theme. It's fun to get snail mail and collect these wonderful art pieces. I would love to have some Penny Stewart art added to my budding collection! Thanks for adding my name to the hat. Fingers crossed."  

Don't forget to go leave a comment on this post to enter the contest to win these 9 FREE ATC cards of mine, plus supplies to make your own.  Thanks.  Contest ends Sunday March 30 at midnight.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Nibblefest, Pennyfest, Inspiration and Challenges

Inspiration and Challenges

These are some of the sketches I made for Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens this week.  Please join us if you need inspiration.  Every two weeks the theme changes. This theme is Gardens and Parks.
These are all scenes from my yard.  They will be available for purchase in my Ebay or Etsy stores.  

I collect ACEO's, too!  Check out Pennyfest for real bargains  with over 170 pieces starting their auction at one penny.  I have 13 ACEO's in there.  I usually buy more than I sell in this one!  LOL.  Here is one of them.  Magenta Flowers.

At the end this Sunday, it will become an art Feeding Frenzy.  People bid on Ebay a lot at the last minute.

Inspiration: I cannot stress how much the challenges and groups and blogs I belong to have added to my enjoyment of painting and art.  I meet such great people and get so inspired.  I would never have painted any of these particular pieces of art if I had not been a part of these inspirational groups.  

Nibblefest:  Every month on the 20th, you can find bargains galore.  All auctions start at 99 cents.  Here are a couple of mine.  The theme is DOORS.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Free Art Contest, PPF

And the winner of the FREE painting is: 
Arnoldo L. Romero, MLAMarch 21, 2014 at 6:15 PM
"I love the subtle colors and shapes in your painting, which would look beautiful hanging in the hallway leading to my kitchen. I'm not in my 70's yet, but hopefully I'll achieve Grandma Moses's fame someday soon. 
Blessings and happy PPF.

Contest Ends March 23, 2014

This week I decided to offer everyone a chance to own one of my paintings.  Actually, I am offering it up for ADOPTION.  Please read the explanation below.

You can win this painting, simply by leaving a comment in this blog post telling me why you want to own it. See rules below.  Winner will be chosen March 24th.
"Cups and Bowls" 8x8 Acrylic on Wood Panel, 
3/4" deep sides, painted black on edges
"Cups and Bowls" was painted Ala Prima with Acrylics to look like oils.  
I am allergic to oils, but I love the painterly look.

I have stacks of completed works of art  - hundreds of watercolors, acrylics, pen & ink drawings, and even a couple of oil paintings.  They range from 2x3 wooden plaques to18x24 inch canvases.  I love to paint and draw.  It is an obsession.  I cannot quit, nor do I want to slow down or try to stop the creative process.  

Grandma Moses started her career in her late 70's.  I will be 70 this year.  I totally identify with that woman.  According to Wikipedia, she was a prolific artist and painted 1600 canvasses in 30 years.  Before she was famous, she used to charge $2 for a small painting and $3 for a large one.  Heck, I probably get a little more than that, but, with inflation, maybe not.  Being retired, healthy, and on a fixed income, I can and do sometimes paint all day long, which is both a blessing and a curse.  I am running out of room in my tiny studio apartment to store all of my creations.

Yes, I have sold my artwork on Ebay, Etsy, Fine Art America and Daily Paintworks, and at local art fairs.  I generated enough money to buy more paint, brushes and canvases, which merely perpetuated the vicious cycle.  Creating art is a lot like owning a dinosaur: the more you feed it, the bigger it grows, and the bigger it grows, the more it eats. The only solutions seemed to be to kill the dinosaur, burn my inventory, throw it in the trash, or . . . set it  FREE.  Ta Da!  A light bulb moment: I could GIVE IT AWAY, one piece at a time, to someone who really wants it.  

Now, how do I find these potential "art adopters?"  That's what they would be called, adopters. They would not be "collectors" or "critics" since what I make is not really artsy fartsy stuff.  I have no discernible art style, no nifty little niche to call my own, no fancy label or pretty square box that I fit into.  I paint what I feel like painting using the medium and surface that appeals to me at the moment.  My art grows and evolves, or not.  It pleases me to make it, so I guess you would say it is self indulgent, hedonistic or egotistical.  Whatever!  It's fun.  Mostly, I love everything I do.  The thought that permeates all of my creative sessions is, "Wow!  Look what I made.  Isn't that fantastic?  I didn't know I could do that."    

So, what shall I give away first?  I have decorated many surfaces with art, from metal saws to pieces of furniture, plus all types of canvases, paper, wood and even people (I was a face painter for awhile). 

I would hope that the person who adopted my artwork would actually want it, so I have concluded that a written essay is the way to determine who will be the new owner. I have previously won art that I truly did not like or want, but I entered the contest on the off chance that I might win something.  I felt bad for the artist because I eventually donated the painting to a thrift shop.  

Rules:  Tell me why you want this particular piece of art, in as many words as you wish to use.  Grammar, etc. does not count.  Your essay will be judged by me, solely on sincerity and your true desire to possess the item.  There will be NO CHARGE for shipping the art to you.  Type your essay into the comments section of this blog post to enter.  That's all.  Contest ends in one week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Colorful Portrait, PennyFest Auctions, and a Free Painting

DPW CHALLENGE:  I painted this 8x10 using Golden Liquid Acrylics on Canvas Board: A Cuban Farmer wearing a Straw Hat and smoking a cigar, using Stephen Bennett's unique style of realism using interpretive color, done for a DPW challenge using Ion Sheramet's photo for reference "a picture of a Cuban tobacco farmer taken in the ViƱales Valley" - What a fun challenge! I loved painting it. 
For Auction on Daily Paintworks, Bid here.

2.5 x 3.5 inches.  Palm Tree by the sea.  I have added 13 ACEO cards to the PennyFest on Ebay, all auctions starting at one penny.  I have so many of these little gems, that I don't mind giving them away.  Here is the link if you want to bid on any of them. The 7 day auction started on Sunday, so it will end on Sunday this week the 23rd.  They are practically FREE.  You can also search on ebay for PAF or Pennyfest and see dozens of other penny auctions by other artists.

Speaking of FREE ART, I am offering one of my original PAINTINGS on my blog this week, and the current contest also ends this Sunday. Just go to the blog post HERE and tell me why you want to adopt the artwork, "Cups and Bowls."  I will even pay the shipping.  No cost to enter.  
FREE Painting

Friday, March 14, 2014

This Week PPF, Penny Paints a Toaster Oven, Shasta Camper, Pelican . . .

Paint Party Friday, a week of fun stuff

I did a challenge on, where you can get lots of FREE images to paint.  The challenge was to use one of their black and white photos and paint it in color.  Here's my entry for March.10x14 Watercolor & Gouache on 300 lb. paper.

and then . . . 

Red Hat Woman and Friend

I did the weekly DPW challenge painting as a  5x7 on hot press paper, watercolor and pen. The challenge was to look at a photograph for 60 seconds, then sketch and paint the scene from memory, no peeking. Auction on DPW

Also did a loose watercolor drawing of my toaster oven for the blog challenge at Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pen.  The theme is kitchens. 8 x 10 on hot press watercolor paper.  I have never used hot press before, and I love it, especially for liner work.  

For sale on Ebay Auction:  

This is an ACEO, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, done for a photo challenge on Facebook

I entered 16 x 20 Framed "Pelican on a Pier" 
in the People's Art Contest for March.  
The theme this month is "wings."
For sale in my Etsy Shop.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Medieval Characters, Paint Party Friday

Medieval Characters created for a game 
From Pencil to Paint

This week I worked on these characters for my grandson's narrative studies project.  They are 6x6 mixed media done on 140# watercolor paper.  Usually I don't sketch much freehand, but the process was fun.  First a pencil sketch, then inking with a permanent pen, erase the sketches and paint with watercolor, gouache and a touch of white acrylic.  

And I did another challenge on Daily Paint Works, a portrait of Einstein.

After a loose sketch using the photo as a reference, I started with watercolor in a very loose style.  After covering most of my white paper, I went to white opaque Chinese White and then gouache which mixes with the colored watercolors on the paper.  Then I played around with a nib pen and noodlers ink, and a bit of tit. white acrylic for the final highlights.  Hint: Use a toothpick dipped in liquid golden acrylic white for the highlights in the eyes.

I am pleased with it, even though it is not at all what I intended to do.  

See the other challenge entries here.  You can enter the weekly challenges without being a member of DPW. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Collage of all 28 faces in Feb 2014

All done till September! Great Practice for Doing Faces.

Friday, February 28, 2014

28 Faces done. Babies, Dogs, and Leprechauns. PPF, Paint Party Friday

I am grateful to Paint Party Friday for inspiring me to log my weekly paintings.  Being retired, I am able to paint every day, so it seems like a lot of completed projects, but I keep busy!

28 Faces completed for Feb 2014

My last two were dog faces done in a watercolor class.  

Watercolor puppy, 9x12, loose style -
My latest painting, almost done.  He still needs whiskers!

And The Baby:
Sleeping Baby, Watercolor on Heavy Rough Paper 11 x 15

 Happy St Paddy's Day!  2 ACEOs with FACES Watercolor and Pen

8x10 Watercolor, Face for 29 Faces, and done in WC class

ACEO:  Watercolor, Another Body Part.  The Eye.

ACEO:  Watercolor, The Lips

ACEO:  Watercolor.  Mr. Serious.

And another challenge on Daily Paintworks: