Friday, September 25, 2015

Black and White, Two Ways, ACEOs and Crochet, PPF

Black and White, Two ways

These two ACEOs were done with Tradio pen, which is not waterproof and when you touch it with a wet brush, it bleeds and runs in interesting ways.
Available in my Ebay Store in the SALE section. I have more than 50 ACEOs for sale $5 and under. Check it out!


This Freeform Crochet Beret Hat and Mini Neckscarf, both pieces of my Wearable Art collection, which also mimic my love of contrast and pattern. Most of my closet is filled with Black and White because it is so easy to decide what to wear.  LOL. These are currently available on Etsy.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Stained Glass Windows, Dragonfly and Freeform Crochet

Stained Glass Windows

Painted Dragonfly ACEO 2.5 x 3.5 inches
This is my entry for Nibblefest this month, which starts on the 20th. All bids begin at 99 cents on Ebay for one week. The NFAC Dragonfly theme inspired me to mimic the wearable art I designed this week, keeping with the stained glass motif. I will be listing this one on Ebay Sept 20th. 

Freeform Crochet Scarfette and Beret
My latest wearable ART freeform crochet hat and scarfette inspired by a bit of variegated yarn. Look closely in the little circles. It reminded me of a stained glass window so I just went with that and finished it in a couple of days, and made a French beret hat to match. Available on Etsy. This is a one of a kind bold statement for brave fashionistas!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Halloween Witch, Balconies and Scarves for PPF

Paintings and Scarves this week.
Visit my Gallery at

Some sketchy loose watercolor art, and more scarves!

ACEO Witchy Poo and Bat, for Halloween challenge on EBAY Facebook group.

8x10 Loose Watercolor, pen and ink, for DPW challenge this week.

I am working on taking pictures for the "Wearable Art" section of my Etsy Store, but it takes so much time! It's more fun to make them than it is to list them online. I just got the mannequin and the white cardboard backing so I will try to take a few to show you what I have done this week.
Turquoise Blues and Purple Skarfette and Beret

This is the one I started last week, and the mannequin (I should give her a name!) is wearing my blonde wig. This was taken before I got the white presentation foamcore. Below she is set up with lots of lights, which creates shadows . . . 

I don't know how to do the lighting so I don't get shadows, but you can see the shoulder scarf and Beret pretty good. She has this neutral color skin which I did not like at first, but now I do, because she looks good as a blonde or a brunette.

Or without her wigs wearing a cloche and neck warmer. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hats and Scarves, ACEO cherries

ACEO, Loose WC Cherries, Pen and Ink

This week I have done lots of crochet, but only one piece of art. I am determined to not obsess about the handiwork, and have vowed to do at least one piece of art each week. Got lots more yarn this week from a secret source. I love the colors and textures and just the feel of it all, and the best part is selecting the ones I like that look good together. 

Cloche, Freeform Crochet Hat for sale on my Etsy site.

And matching scarf. 

I am working on a blue/green combination, too.
I will post more pictures next week, after I have my new mannequin head/shoulders so I can display them properly, and my daughter is helping me make a "photo booth" for taking better pics. I am having sooooo much fun!

Friday, August 28, 2015

A change of pace. Crochet Art? This week for PPF.

A Crowded Street, Watercolor and pen
ACEO, Sold on DPW

OLD PAINT. That's the only painting I did this week. I have so many in my current stash FOR SALE, that I decided to shift gears for awhile. I may paint a few loose watercolors now and then, with pen and ink, mostly ACEO size. I seriously have 500+ paintings in my virtual stores. So, what to do with all my time if I don't paint? I am retired and must keep busy to stay sane. Too much TV rots the brain. 

HOOKING. I decided to bring out my crochet hooks and get some yarn so I could make presents for Christmas gift giving. This week I made 5 hats, 2 neck scarves, a market bag,  a doggie snood, and 4 large granny squares for an afghan. I have lots of free time, and like I do with painting, I am very fast. 

IS IT ART? Then while searching for free patterns on the internet, I found Freeform Crochet. It's like painting with yarn. No pattern, well almost no pattern. There are things called "scrumbles" that you can make and there are basic instructions for those. You can sew them together and make things out of them, or perhaps just create "ART" for the wall.

YARN. My daughter scored 3 huge bags of yarn for me, every kind and color imaginable, so now I am set for awhile. I will post some of the things I have made so far, and this blog will have both fiber art and painting for awhile.

My beginning granny square afghan, and my little applehead chihuahua, Lily.

Hat for Robin and Snood for her doggie.

Crochet bag for carrying fruit at the market.

very heavy yarn, but quick crochet hat.
This one needs a fancy doodad scrumble.

Gina's Christmas Slouchy Hat. She claimed this one.

A grey slouchy hat with a freeform crochet flower.

Black and White hat with freeform crochet abstract design.
This was a present for Pat, our hairdresser at the Salon.

Me and my Little Girl, at the Hairdresser's, getting new hairdos. 

If I keep on making these hats, etc., I may have to open another store on Ebay.

Next week, scrumbles and slippers?

Friday, August 21, 2015

ACEOs, Teapots for NFAC

Teatime at Nibblefest! Bidding on these ACEOs starts at 99 cents on Ebay.

See more of my art at

Obviously, I cannot decide what style I prefer to paint in, or what medium to use. The Red Teapot is very loose style watercolor and pen, Blue one in the middle has a thick heavy application of acrylic done in a painterly style, and flowered Blue and White teapot on the bottom is a Folk Art style done with acrylic. The dots on the doily were done with a stylus.

More ACEOs this week . . 

Poppies, very impressionistic, heavy impasto acrylic

Boston Terrier, realistic style, acrylic on textured background

Very loose style, done with Tradio Pen and ink, "Moo Cow."

Pink Ballet Slippers, ACEO, Tradio Pen and watercolor

Repurposed Cowboy Boots, used as a planter. WC, Pen and Ink.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Nibblefest Interview NFAC starts on the 20th

Here is my latest Email Newsletter using (a free program)
It includes an interview that I did for Nibblefest, the monthly art contest.

Penny Lee stewArt, Interview
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Nibblefest Artist Interview:
Penny Lee StewArt

Art by Penny Lee StewArt for sale on DPW
How long have you been creating art (and/or) selling it online? 
For almost 20 years now . . .
In 1996 I created to sell my tole painted items online. The Crafty Lady Boutique was my brick and mortar store in San Gabriel, CA, and I had 26 crafters renting booths and selling their handmade creations. I convinced about 10 of these brave souls to let me make a virtual booth for them in my online store. The internet was a scary place back then. They were afraid that they would sell so much they would not be able to keep stock on hand!  Eventually they all quit because sales were so slow, but I am still here, selling art online.

How did you first hear about Nibblefest and when did you first start Nibblefesting?
I think a posting in the ACEO Ebay Facebook group was where I first heard of Nibblefest, and I started, I believe, in November of 2012 with the mushroom theme.
What do you enjoy about Nibblefest? 
I love the challenge of creating or recreating art to fit the theme. My first thought is usually, “I don’t think I have anything that fits that topic.” Then as I rummage thru my stash I usually find several that fill the bill and I have to narrow it down to only three pieces. If I am truly inspired I begin an entirely new artwork, usually in a different style or using mediums that are unfamiliar to me. I use Nibblefest as a muse, to get my creative juices flowing. 
Who are your Favorite artistic influences?
Recently I started painting ACEOs (2.5 x 3.5 inches) of the Masters and studying their lives and methods. They all are influencing me in one way or another. I particularly love Cezanne and Picasso right now, but that changes as I find a new old master to emulate. Tammy Gulat inspires me, too!

Art by Penny Lee StewArt, SOLD
Tell us something interesting about you that many people online don't already know.
Before painting I took up bellydancing and sold Middle Eastern Dance supplies online at, which is still very popular, and well known in the dance community. My stage name was The Pink Gypsy. Actually, I only did it because I loved to dress up in the sparkly costumes. LOL. I was never a good dancer. In my spare time I host and maintain websites for a few clients who have been with me for the past 20 years, mostly bellydancers! I did a whole series of bellydancer art, ACEO size. I like to do a series until I run out of ideas. I have done at least 30 pieces for each of these topics: Nutcrackers, Witches, Bellydancers, Mini Masterpieces, Flowers, Dogs, Food, Rainbow Cats, Faces, Couples and more.

Art by Penny Lee StewArt for sale on EBAY

What is your favorite Nibblefest ever sold?
That would be my Devo Dog, Whip It, the Whippet! My grandson had remarked that my painting of a whippet dog made him laugh because he thought of the 70’s Rock Band Devo, and their famous song “Whip It,” so I added a red hat to conform to the theme, “Animals With Hats” and voila! I actually made in the banner that month, July 2014, Third Place! I won another 3rd place in March 2014 for my watercolor Tardis. I never know what will sell best, so I just paint what pleases me. Mostly they sell for 99 cents, but I have gotten lots of new “collectors” through Nibblefest.

Art by Penny Lee StewArt, SOLD

What would be your Nibblefest dream theme? 
Whatever you come up with next time will be great. I have no dream themes, sorry. I expect the themes to inspire me. I enter every challenge on every site that I can find, whether I like the theme or not, because it stretches me, and gives me inspiration.

Art by Penny Lee StewArt for sale on DPW

What do you do to drive traffic to your Nibblefest auction(s)?

I make a blog post, tweet daily, post on all the Facebook groups that I can find, and pin on Pinterest, pretty much just like I do with all of my “For Sale” items. Paint, Post, Pin and Promote.

What are you working on right now? 

The current ACEOs that I am working on include my Miniature Masterpiece series and I am starting to work on Halloween and Christmas. I have made over 900 ATC/ACEOs. I have to work small because I have more than 500 paintings sitting here right now, and if I keep making big ones I will have to move. My living space is very tiny.

Art by Penny Lee StewArt for sale on DPW

Where can people find your work?

I am a daily painter, so over the years, especially since retirement, I have accumulated quite a stockpile of art for sale. Since there is no particular style, medium or subject that I am drawn to, I probably will never be a “famous” artist, but the joy I get from the creative process is priceless. I sell the more crafty items like tole painted saws and rustic wood framed art in my Etsy store, but the majority of my sales happen on Ebay where I continually have over 200 items for sale. I use Daily Paintworks as my Gallery since I can also link to the other venues from there. My Business Facebook page, Penny Paints Pets, is all about my animal art, and my personal page is where I post my other paintings.
Art Gallery: (Daily Paintworks site)

Art by Penny Lee StewArt for sale on DPW
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To learn more about NFAC Nibblefest Art Contest, please visit their blog orFacebook Page.

The contest starts on the 20th of every month, and the theme changes each time.

Bidding happens on and all bids must start at 99 cents, so there are plenty of bargains to be had! I enter at least one every month, but sometimes 3 (the maximum allowed).

Any size art is allowed, even 3D, so please join us either as an artist, or as a bidder.

The next one is August 20th, and the theme is "Tea Time." Should be fun!!!

ACEO: Bellydancer

For Sale on EBAY
Where to find me Online:

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Boats, Florals, Abstracts and Cezanne, ACEO art for this week, PPF

Miniature Art finished this week, ACEO size.
Visit my Gallery to see more.

A Field of Wildflowers, Landscape
A Daisy Field, Impressionistic
Boats in the Harbor, ACEO, loose sketch with watercolor and pen
Watermelon and Pomegranates, a la Cezanne
Miniature Masterpiece, ACEO, Watercolor

7 Abstract ACEOs in Watercolor and Ink
for ACEO TW AUG on Ebay (More of my Abstracts)
I just love these, but no one else seems to!  LOL.