Friday, July 31, 2015

Miniature ACEO paintings, Mini Masterpieces, PPF

More ACEOs this week
Visit my Gallery on Daily Paintworks for links to purchase these.

Here's a new Miniature Masterpiece
"Apples and Figs," ala Juan van der Hamen y Leon, 1629
 a small portion of his larger painting

"Splish Splash," ACEO acrylic, done with a palette knife
for a challenge on DPW

"Old Cowboy with Lasso," Watercolor and Tradio Pen on heavy Paper
for the 30/30 group theme "Cowboys"

ACEO "Asleep," a la Picasso, Acrylic on heavy paper
Another Miniature Masterpiece series card.

And one more Mini Masterpiece, Emile Bernard Self Portrait with a sketch of Gauguin on his wall. I love doing these!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Magritte and NFAC Nibblefest Art Contest

NFAC: Search Ebay for NFAC and find LOTS more art for 99 CENTS.

Nibblefest Art Contest, started on the 20th (every month) where you can bid on wonderful art on Ebay, starting at 99 cents. The auctions go for 7 days, so it is ending soon! My entries are here, for this month's theme Something Hidden.

ACEO: "Man with Apple," in the style of Magritte
Mixed media on heavy paper, Miniature Masterpiece Series
bidding starts at 99 cents

Original above, "Lola and Friend,"
(Lola is the Ragdoll Cat)
bidding starts at 99 cents
9x12 matted to 11x14 ready to frame.
Done in watercolor on Canvas paper, which was a real challenge, since it does not absorb the paint. Much like working on Yupo paper.

Two Woman with Hats, bidding starts at 99 cents
Matted ready to frame in 11x14 size
The original is an odd size, so I mounted it for ease of framing. It was originally done as an exercise in values and color complements in my watercolor class. I liked the results so decided it should be added to my For Sale paintings. Usually I am careful to make my artwork more saleable by painting standard sizes.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Loose and Lively, ACEOs, Cherries and more, PPF

This was done with a Tradio Pen, which is not waterproof, so when you come back in after drawing the subject, using a wet brush with a touch of watercolor paint, it makes the ink run in fun and unexpected ways. This was done for a challenge on a Facebook group. 

I got really loose on this one. Sewing Stuff.
ACEO watercolor and pen.

Cherry Bomb Pale Ale, Loose Watercolor ACEO
I always wanted to paint beer bottles, but my lettering is not so good, so practice makes perfect, well, at least better than last time. National Cherry Day was July 16, and our theme for 30/30 is Cherries and Cold, so the next one hits both topics, Cold Ice Cream on top of Cherry Pie.

Watercolor, pen and ink.

Pie has been on my mind for awhile, and finding a vegan version that does not cost an arm and a leg and that tastes good, with soy ice cream, and gluten free, well, let's just say, it's mostly a dream dessert. If I choose to eat dessert, I usually skip the rest of the meal, and NO GUILT.

I believe in the saying, Life is Short, Eat Dessert First. And I always remember how to spell it because everyone wants more than one dessert, so put two s's in it. No one wants more than one desert (one s). LOL.

More Cherries, this time Cerises (French) and more lettering practice. I know, it does not fit on the ACEO card, sorta runs off the edge, but that's what I get for going loose and sketchy. Next time I should plan ahea...d like they say.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Blue Eyed Kitty ACEO, PPF

It does not scan well because the paint is very thick, impasto style, done with a palette knife, and looks much better in person. I tried taking a pic with my phone and also did a close up to show texture

Painted from this reference photo of Mia by Louise Stephenson
for a Challenge on a Facebook Group 

Reference Photos for Artists on Facebook allows you to use tons of FREE reference photos, and has monthly challenges. So does Artist Reference Photos. And you can find more free pictures at the Morguefile and Paint My Photo web sites.  I browse these sources for inspiration quite often.

Another challenge this week on Daily Paintworks, was to include letters in a painting, or numbers. The photo provided was a farmer's market with a couple of signs. I chose to paint only a small portion of the scene, since lettering is not my forte, but it was also ACEO size, so not much room to play with letters. Since it has a bid already, I might paint more signs with lettering! 
"Sunnysides Cider, Ice Cold!" 
Watercolor and pen and ink on heavy paper.

This was not a week of prolific painting for me, and if it had not been for these challenges, I might not have painted at all. I encourage all of my artist friends to participate in these challenges on the internet even if they don't appeal to you. It gets the juices flowing. I did not want to paint another cat this week, but then, I was not in a mood to paint at all, so I did the cat. I don't like lettering, but the challenge said DO IT, so I did. Overall, I am pleased with the results.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July, and how to learn from the Masters, PPF

Learning to Paint the Masters
In the style of Renoir. "Two Sisters," who are not really sisters! Above you see the original cropped version of a larger painting by Renoir, and below my acrylic painting ACEO size.
Someone suggested I paint this one for my Miniature Masterpiece series, and since the colors were Red, White and Blue, it also works for the theme this week in 30/30. I like the challenge of trying to imitate different artist's styles and seeing how close I can come to the original artwork, or at least a similarity or two. I find Renoir to be very difficult, whereas Picasso and Cezanne come easier to me. Of course, I am painting very small, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, and the originals are actually huge.

My favorite part, in addition to painting, is reading about the artist's life and how he or she came to paint the particular image that I am trying to duplicate. I was never interested in art history before, but now I am really enjoying poking around in the personal and private lives of famous artists. The more I learn about their life experiences, trials and tribulations, the more I appreciate the art. Then when I actually take brush in hand and begin the process, it has a much deeper meaning for me.

"Girl in a Chemise," by Picasso
and my slightly masculine version below.
Done during his "Blue Period" when he was actually quite depressed over the death of a friend, so he was quite "blue." 
My "Blue Nude" a la Picasso, above, is from the same time period, and I just love the emotion you can feel in the painting. Here is the original by Picasso below.

I am my own Professor of Art History right now, and if this had been the teaching method in College, I might have actually enjoyed the History of Art IA class a lot more. Have you ever tried to paint the masters?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NFAC, Nibblefest Art Contest, Surreal Paintings for 99 cents PPF

Search Ebay for NFAC, Nibble Fest Art Contest, to find lots of 99 cent auctions for Art this week. Ends tomorrow. These are my three entries. Still time to bid. 

12x16 Acrylic Surreal landscape, Glow under Black Light

9x12 Collage of Rice Paper and Watercolor, Surreal Seascape

5x7 Acrylic "Sun, Moon, Tides," Surreal Dreamlike Painting

ACEO, "Picnic," in the style of Botero

ACEO, Renoir paints Cezanne's Portrait, in the style of Renoir

ACEO, "The Bather," in the style of Cezanne

ACEO, Watercolor "Surfer at Sunset," painted for the 30/30 challenge this week. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Picasso and Giraffes, Frida Kahlo and more for PPF

Our theme this week in 30/30 is Monochromatic Painting and I did some Picasso, mostly from his Blue Period and a few others. All are ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches and painted with acrylic.

Visit to see more of my art.

In the style of Picasso, Woman Throwing Stone

Woman With Folded Arms, in the style of Picasso

The Blue Nude, a la Picasso

Frida Kahlo, Self portrait in her style

Cezanne Portrait in the style of Renoir

Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto, a la Picasso

Friday, June 12, 2015

Picasso, Sargent, Da Vinci, Renoir and more, Mini Masterpieces for PPF

More Miniature Masterpieces, ACEO size
Acrylic on heavy paper, comes with mat ready to frame

"Pablo's Selfie," in the style of Picasso

"Two Women and an Umbrella," after John Singer Sargent

"My Mona Lisa," a la Da Vinci

"Discarded Roses," in the style of Renoir

"Girl Fishing with a Net," after John Singer Sargent

In the Style of Edvard Munch, "The Scream"

Friday, June 5, 2015

Candy and Roses, more mini masterpieces, PPF

Here are my ACEOs for this week: Acrylic 2.5 x 3.5 inches
Painting to a Theme in 30/30 Facebook ACEO group: Candy and Roses

Gummy Bears Pile Up 

Chocolate Covered Cherry
Very thick impasto acrylic paint on heavy paper

In the Style of Van Gogh, Still Life with Pink Roses 

In the Style of Jacob Van Es, 3 Roses and an Iris

In the style of Gauguin, 2 Women and a Hut in Tahiti

In the style of Gauguin, Woman and Bread Fruit

Friday, May 29, 2015

ACEOs, Some Mini Masterpieces and more for PPF

This week I have been busy painting tiny ACEOs in the style of the masters, with a few challenges thrown in for good measure. The theme on 30/30 included International Wine Week and World Goth Day. And the squirrel was for a challenge on DPW to paint a critter.  What a fun week! You can find my art gallery at and there are links to each painting for sale. Thanks.

In the style of Pablo Picasso, The Bottle of Wine

In the style of Van Gogh, The Red Vineyards

From a photo on, Cheeky Squirrel

In the Style of Cezanne, Wine and Fruit

Grant Wood, American Gothic

In the Style of Henri Matisse, Woman with Hat

In the Style of Modigliani, Gypsy Woman with Baby

In the Style of Matisse, Open Window