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Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Cards and Watercolors PPF

Watercolor Week

I seem to be in a watercolor mood this week. The class I have been taking for 3 years is on hiatus for Thanksgiving week, so I am not doing any assignments, just playing with fun stuff.  My daughter took a photo of an old teddy bear at the swap meet because she thought I might like to use it for a reference.  I think it would look great in a baby's room, but there are no little ones in our family right now so I am auctioning it on Ebay.

The Red Tulip was fun because it was painted upside down, from a lesson I found online. I love the way watercolors in the background blended using the wet in wet technique.    

Here are some Christmas/Holiday cards I painted for the Pasadena Senior Center art show on Dec 3. They will be sold for $5 and the money donated to the center. My weekly Watercolor Art Class is held at the PSC every week, and we have a lovely bunch of artists in the group. 

I also entered 3 of my paintings in the judging, which are also for sale.
Baby Raccoon, Framed,

Old Man and His Donkey

Leo the Colorful Lion


  1. Lots of lovely work Penny. Happy PPF, Annette x


  2. Wonderful paintings - good luck with the auctions! Valerie

  3. Love your use of color here, especially on "Leo". Happy PPF (late)


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